Throwback Thursday: Sloan & Hall Trade Off The 300H Record

Anna Hall on her way to setting the state record in the 300 hurdles in 2018. Hall ran 40.76.

They say records are meant to be broken, but twice within the span of three or so minutes? Or three times in one week? Now that's insane.

Let's take a moment, inhale, and look back at the all-out assault on the 300 hurdle record at the 2018 state meet...

At the start of morning on May 18, Emily Sloan's 40.77 state record wasn't even a week old yet. It was still fresh on the minds of everyone who had been following her quest to rewrite the record books with her name. But then the 300H preliminary heats were run, and Valor Christian's Anna Hall just up and decided to blitz the field, and the clock, running a massive personal best.

Hall soared over the hurdles in such speed that heads turned, knowing she was absolutely hauling. But how fast?When the scoreboard read 40.76, nearly everyone, including me, was left scratching their head, asking if that just happened.

Yeah. It did.

In the preliminary heats of the 4A competition, Hall chopped off over a full second from her PR. She had dipped under 42 seconds only once before, but also had two 42-second (almost flat) marks to her name. Long story short, she went from 41.80 to 40.76 for a new Colorado record. Additionally, it was the No. 2 time in the country at the time.

Story over. Book closed. Hall is in the record books.