Yasin Sado: Gateway To Virginia


Yasin Sado's Best Marks

800 - 1:53.27

1 Mile - 4:09.25

2,000 Steeplechase - 5:59.24

3,200 - 9:29

5k - 14:58


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing the University of Virginia? 

I was also talking to and went on visits to UCLA, University of Portland, and Oklahoma State and I ended up with Virginia because, I felt right when I first spoke with Coach Vin Lananna that we had really good communication. My coach told me on how he coached at Oregon and Stanford and has coached many national champions and was the Olympic coach for USA. He seemed like a great coach for me and a great person and did what he could to move the process quickly so it was a great fit for me! The weather was a big plus as well. 

Q) What do you plan to study at Virginia?

I'm thinking of studying computer science but I'm not 100% sure. As I take more classes my first two years I'll be able to figure it out.

Q) What would you consider to be your main event, and what event do you see yourself focusing on at Virginia?

As of now of I feel like I'll be a specialist in the 1500, mile and steeplechase but anything that I will compete the best in will be awesome!

Q) You had a massive breakthrough from sophomore to junior year (17:25 to 15:25), and again from junior to senior (cross country - 15:25 to 14:58), what would say attributed to your improvements?

I think working with my coach led me to big success. My first year of track was my sophomore year at Denver West and that season I improved so much. By following the workouts, increasing my mileage each year, and most importantly just being dedicated and living the lifestyle of a runner has made me improve the most.

Q) The first result we have on you on MileSplit is a 18:08 5k, 10th place finish at the Standley Lake Invite in September of 2017 - what do you remember from this competition?

Yeah I remember this race it was my second race ever. My first race was a week before this race and I didn't even finish the race because I had no idea what I was doing and went went out with the fast guys and led almost for first mile. The next day for this race I had some advice from my coach and other runners to chill out at the beginning so I ended up with 10th place.

Q) What got you interested in competing in XC/Track in the first place? 

My athletic director and teachers told me to do XC and I was doing both soccer and XC, and they realized I had talent for XC so my athletic director asked me to do track, when I had success in that I just started falling in love with the sport. To think before my sophomore year I thought I was a soccer player!

Q) Favorite book, musical artist, and movie - GO:

I think my favorite movie is Ghajni it's an Indian movie and I have watched many times. And My favorite music is The Greatest by Sia.

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be?

Definitely last year at the state meet in the 1600, I just finished accomplishing my goal of winning the triple and then I looked back and my brother Ahmed was in 2nd! I was so happy for him even more than myself. I'll always remember that