Tasty Race Of The Week: Boys Race At Warrior Lincoln Park

Two sub-15s on a course not named Liberty Bell?

Two sub-15s on a course that's never seen a Sub-15?

Two sub-15s by two teammates?

Two sub 15s by two junior teammates?

Oh, this race is just to tasty not to devour for the second time in a week.

Everyone has a meal they'd eat more than once in a week. The boy's race at the Warrior Lincoln Park Classic (SWL Championships) is that meal.

Battle Mountain's Will Brunner and Porter Middaugh put on a great show Thursday evening.

I could write the stride-for-stride take on Brunner and Middaugh torching the final mile, and how this race went beyond just two teammates running insanely fast because it also included the No. 3 and No. 5 (recently ranked) teams in the 4A Coaches Poll.

I could write some punny clich├ęs about how Battle Mountain won this battle over Central (GJ). 

But hey - rather than re-write this story (since it was first written here: Battle Mountain Sweeps The Warrior Lincoln Park Classic), just watch the race unfold above with your own eyes...