State Through the Lens of Jeff McCoy: Hurdle Events

Logan Franek was way out in front of the 1A 100 Hurdles field...




... about as far in front as Dior Hall was in the 5A hurdles field.





Tiffany Kenney was smiling before her job was done.




Hunter Warwick grazes the hurdle but gets the lead leg down in a hurry.




Bradey Scherrer and Logan Merrill enjoy a close one in 2A.




But nobody ever got close to Landry Cogburn in 1A.




Adjusting the camera's line of vision to see only what matters...




The Caseys (Riggs and Young) kept it tight right down to the wire.





Hurdler down in 3A.




A little Photoshop filtering to add some edge to Sam Little's face (which is never short of edge in the first place).