Top 10 XC: 2A Girls

No longer the new kid on the block, no longer the heir apparent, Kelley Robinson is the leader in 2A girls. Photo by Alan Versaw.


There's no mistaking the fact that 2A girls graduated a lot of distance talent this spring. Names like Kelsey Corbin, Erin Kelly, Melissa Roberts, and Valerie Stark won't be seen any more in small-school high school cross country results. And, as a result, 2A girls may have a little less depth than in some previous years. But, they'll be as solid as they've ever been at the top.


First, taking a look at the order of returning finishers from last fall's state cross country meet:


  1 Kelley Robinson           JR Nederland                  18:51.70     1
  4 Miriam Roberts            FR Lyons                      19:36.30     4
  5 Rebecca Hermann           JR Nederland                  19:37.80     5
  7 Rachel Hampton            SO Telluride                  20:11.10     7
  9 Amber Scott               SO Crested Butte Community    20:28.60     9
 10 Bailey Kuechenmeister     FR Nederland                  20:29.80    10
 12 Olivia Raspotnik          SO Lyons                      21:10.10    12
 13 Jess Ousley               JR Nederland                  21:14.20    13
 14 Josephine Bush            JR Telluride                  21:23.10    14
 15 Jenna Mahon               FR Nederland                  21:27.20    15
 16 Amber Reynolds            JR Sargent                    21:30.50    16
 18 Abby Whiting              SO Crested Butte Community    21:39.71    18
 19 Kendall Horan             SO Lutheran - Parker          21:45.30    19
 20 Jasmine Gomez             SO Sargent                    21:48.30    20
 21 Birdie Hutton             JR Shining Mt. Waldorf        21:49.90    --
 22 Mina Moscatelli           FR Crested Butte Community    21:55.40    22
 24 Britney Slade             JR Rye                        22:00.50    24
 25 Lauren Ortmayer           JR Lutheran - Parker          22:07.70    25
 26 Rachel Beverlin           JR Mancos                     22:11.60    2

And, then, taking a look at how roughly the same group stacked up in the 3200 is the track season just finished:

1.     11:12.02      Kelley Robinson     CO Nederland High School     2012
2.     11:38.95     Rachel Hampton     CO Telluride High School     2013
3.     11:53.18     Amber Scott     CO Crested Butte Community School     2013
4.     11:53.34     Miriam Roberts     CO Lyons High School     2014
       11:59.45     Birdie Hutton     CO Shining Mountain Waldorf High School     2012     
5.     12:32.67     Rebecca Hermann     CO Nederland High School     2012
6.     12:49.27     Vela Bair     CO Paonia High School     2012     
7.     13:00.05     Morgan Helton     CO Calhan High School     2014     
8.     13:04.20     Braiden Clement     CO Paonia High School     2014
9.     13:05.83     Nicole Daly     CO Vanguard School, The     2014
10.     13:11.04     Savannah Williams     CO Hayden High School     2013
11.     13:13.04     Josie Rossi     CO Soroco High School     2013     
12.     13:13.07     Jessica Ousley     CO Nederland High School     2012
13.     13:14.53     Izzy Solman     CO Lyons High School     2012     
14.     13:19.60     Rhemi Sokol     CO Calhan High School     2012     
15.     13:25.53     Cheyenne Konsdorf     CO Akron High School     2013
16.     13:32.64     Kelsey Miner     CO Lyons High School     2013     
17.     13:33.44     Britney Slade     CO Rye High School     2012     
18.     13:41.03     Shelby Kopf     CO Crested Butte Community School     2012 

Birdie Hutton ran track and field in the 1A classification, but the groups are otherwise remarkably similar except for names like Savannah Williams (who runs cross country for 4A Moffat County), Vela Bair and Braiden Clement (who run cross country for Hotchkiss), Josie Rossi, Rhemi Sokol, Morgan Helton, and Cheyenne Konsdorf (who may not run cross country at all in the fall, although they could show up in the uniforms of neighboring schools like Peyton, Steamboat Springs, and Brush).


And, one huge question mark concerns where, if at all, incoming freshman Tabor Scholl (of Kremmling) may fit into this picture.


Of the returnees that we're relatively sure about, however, here's a guess at the rankings:


1. Kelley Robinson - Robinson will remain number one until she's beaten. And, she'll probably have to be beaten two or three times for many people to be convinced. Don't count on it happening.

2. Rachel Hampton - If you missed Hampton's meteoric rise (I don't really understand this particular figure of speech--meteors fall, not rise, but we speak of meteoric rises.), you may not understand her placement on this list. But, to my way of thinking, Hampton goes in at #2.

3. Miriam Roberts - Roberts proved a lot of people were underestimating her at the state cross country meet last fall. Although she mostly ran shorter distances in track, she ran well enough when she did run the 3200 to sustain at least a #3 position on this list.

4. Rebecca Hermann - You know it's a tough list if Hermann comes in at #4. Like Roberts, Hermann ran (and excelled at) mostly shorter distances in track, but she should be near the top in cross country this fall. Don't be fooled by the 12:32 3200 time.

5. Amber Scott - Crested Butte always at least one girl at or near the top of the small school girls cross country rankings. That list goes a long, long way back--at least as far as Ashley Quiggle in my memory, and probably further beyond my memory. Scott is just the latest on the list. She will make her contribution, and a very solid track season just finished is good evidence of that.

6. Birdie Hutton - Hutton has battled a lot of injuries in the last two years. If she's fully healthy, she is perfectly capable of running with, and challenging, several of th names above her on the list. Hutton has to be as anxious as anyone to run fully heatlhy this fall.

At this point, the prognosticating takes on an added layer of difficulty, things aren't as clear as they are above.

7. Olivia Raspotnik - I put Raspotnik here largely on Lyons' reputation of building talent throughout high school. Raspotnik doesn't run longer than 800 meters in track, but the training will be in place for cross country in the fall.

8. Bailey Kuechenmeister - Kuechenmeister wasn't seen on the track this spring, so this guess constitutes something of a gamble. If she's back in cross country this fall, she figures to be among the leaders.

9. Josephine Bush - After being gone for a year, Bush returned to Telluride's lineup last fall but probably didn't enjoy a season that was very personally satisfying. Her track season, however, showed that the spark evident in her freshman season has been reignited. Her presence in the Telluride lineup could help make things very interesting from a team perspective.

10. Jessica Ousley/Amber Reynolds - I couldn't decide between these two, really. Ousley's numbers look just a little better, but Reynolds showed a lot in track season running for her home school of Sangre de Cristo. Either could have a significant impact on the classification this fall.


If you detected a domination of this list by three different schools, you qualify as a keen observer of things 2A. It will be a major surprise if anyone outside of Nederland, Lyons, and Telluride is a major player in the team race.