Lori Fitzgerald Invitational Updates

There will be a few important adjustments at the Lori Fitzgerald Invitational in two weeks. Contributed photo.

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Due to some recent construction activity at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, the Smoky Hill staff will be moving the starting line (most likely further to the north by roughly about 80-100 meters). There will have to be some corresponding alteration of the route at the beginning of the second loop as well.  Overall, the changes won't be drastic, but the course will not duplicate last year's route. 

There are still several openings remaining in the meet, for whatever schools are interested.  In all probability the course alterations made for the Lori Fitzgerald Invitational will also be in place for the state meet. The invitational will be the only opportunity to preview those alterations. So, schools wanting to see the course adjustments are encouraged to attend the meet.

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