State Meet Information: Read and Be in the Know!

Competitors approach the distinctive barns section of the state meet course at this fall's Cheyenne Mountain Stampede. Colorado Track XC file photo.

You want to enjoy a pleasant state meet experience on Saturday. CHSAA wants you to enjoy a pleasant state meet experience on Saturday. The folks at host school Cheyenne Mountain want you to enjoy a pleasant state meet experience on Saturday.

Reading and understanding the information below will help you know what to expect and help your morning to go more smoothly. It will be a better meet for everyone if we all go in with some understanding of how things will proceed.


This is the first thing you'll need to take care of upon arriving at the state meet venue. You can park close-in, on the south side of Lower Gold Camp Road for $10 per vehicle. If you don't mind walking another 100 meters or so, you can park on the north side of Lower Gold Camp Road for $5. 

Those with handicapped placards will be allowed to park on the south side for a reduced fee of $5. There will be special close-in parking for those with a CHSAA courtesy card. Signs will designate this area. Parking for those with a CHSAA courtesy card is $5. Meet volunteer parking will be free only with your preissued parking pass.

Following are directions for all close-in parking, to include handicapped, meet volunteer, and courtesy pass parking:

1. I -25 to Highway 24/ Cimmaron Exit
2. Turn Left/ West on Highway 24 to 8th Street
3. South on 8th Street to Lower Gold Camp Road (the 2nd light)
4. Right/ West on Lower Gold Camp to Norris Penrose Event Center
5. NPEC is on your left/ south side of road
Follow these directions for $5 parking:
1. I -25 to Highway 24/ Cimmaron Exit
2. Turn Left/ West on 24 to 8th Street
3. South on 8th Street to Moreno Ave (the 1st light)
4. Right/ West on Moreno Ave. to Parking
5. Lot is on your left/ south side of road
All student transport vehicles (buses, stub buses, vans, etc.) should follow the bus parking directions:
1. I-25 to Exit 140, Tejon St./Nevada Ave exit, toward CO-115 S/ Nevada
2. Turn Right onto S. Tejon Street
3. Turn Right onto Brookside Street
4. Turn Right onto 8thStreet
5. Turn Left into Norris Penrose event center via access road.
Buses WILL NOT be allowed to enter Norris Penrose Equestrian Center at the
main entrance. 
Please do not park in the neighborhoods adjoining the venue. These are real people with real needs like the rest of us, and we want to maintain good neighborly relationships with these people for the time we are there.
For those needing help to visualize the parking situation, here is a link to the Parking Map.
For athletes driving themselves to the meet, the parking fee must be paid, but if you retain your parking ticket and turn it in to your AD, the AD can submit that receipt to Cheyenne Mountain High School ( for reimbursement. Please follow the highest possible ethical standards in submitting those tickets for reimbursement.
Each vehicle that parks at the venue will be issued a colored course map with race times.
Once you are parked, you are done parting with your money unless, of course, you want to buy state meet souvenirs. There is no admission fee.
Athletes will most likely wish to proceed to the Athlete Village where all team camps will be. This is a large, heated building with a dirt floor, but the dirt will be highly compacted to minimize mess and dust. Teams are welcome to bring tarps or blankets to set their stuff down on at their team camps. The building is spacious enough to accommodate all state teams. Only athletes and coaches, however, will be allowed access into the building. There will be no exceptions allowed as teams need the space and they also need a place to separate from the crowds prior to their events.
Please note that the Athlete Village (sometimes also referred to as The Barn) is immediately adjacent to the bus parking and a short walk away from the start line.
The public address system within the building will keep all athletes and coaches inside the building notified of important points in the day's schedule.
There will be 20 port-o-lets just outside of the athlete village, seven at the start area, and another five to ten scattered around the venue. Formal public restrooms are located at the Stadium. Restrooms at the Indoor Arena (Athlete Village) should be regarded as reserved for athlete use. There are at least 75 - 100 restrooms available in all. The meet hosts are making every attempt to overdo restroom availability.
A huge thanks also goes out to the Cheyenne Mountain cross country team who took some time between the Stampede and State to widen the entrance to the creek crossing and create a "merge lane"  coming out of the barns early on the course to ease bottlenecking conditions on the course.
To view a map of the course, click on the Course Map link and scroll down to a nice graphical distance of the entire venue complex.