NXR-SW in Review; Week of October 28 - November 3

Every state but New Mexico is now done and in the books, and nobody made a bigger statement this past weekend than the Rio Rico boys. Photo by Margot Kelly.

This week, it was Colorado's turn to be idle. There was a USATF JO meet in Colorado, but without meaningful implications for NXR-SW. So, we move on to other states in the region:

New Mexico

If you're a quality team in New Mexico, it's difficult not to advance to state. Suffice it to say that the Los Alamos, Cleveland, Rio Rancho, Onate, and Albuquerque Academy boys are all moving ahead to state--and easily so. Among the girls teams, count Los Alamos, Albuquerque Academy, Cleveland, St. Pius X, Eldorado, and Los Alamos in. And, now we bide our time and see what happens this Saturday when everyone should be laying it on the line.

New Mexico Home Page (all regional meet results available linked there)


It wasn't exactly a state-sanctioned or team-scoring event, but Timo Mostert did host a sharpening kind of race at American Fork High School. It looks like most of the big saws in Utah are still sharp. There were a few runners conspicuously absent from this meet, but many more who were there. If you recognize names of Utah individuals, it's worth a glance at the results to see where they are at the moment under less than full-adrenaline conditions.

Another sharpening kind of meet is scheduled for this weekend in Ogden.

UHSTCA Pre-Foot Locker Meet


Going in, I figured Centennial would sweep the state titles. They ended up with half of that. The boys did their part, beating Galena 27 - 44 (and truthfully, it was more decisive than that score would suggest--Centennial beat Galena at every scoring position). The Centennial girls, however, were tripped up by Coronado. Sydney Badger had something of an off race, but a bigger issue was that things didn't go well for Centennial at 4 and 5. Coronado seized the opportunity and came home with the shiny new trophy.

With that, we've exhausted mention of the more highly competitive teams.

Nevada State Meet


Like Nevada, Arizona was busy with their state meet at Cave Creek Golf Course on Saturday. Surprises were few, but there were a couple that ranked up there.

Even without Carter Macey, Desert Vista came back from what looked like the dead and stunned Highland and Corona del Sol for the boys Division 1 team title. The best boys performance on the day, however, came out of Division 3, where Rio Rico steamrolled everyone (including Tuba City) with a very fast steamroller. The Rio Rico team time was slightly more than two minutes faster than Desert Vista's. Questions? Class dismissed.

Look for Rio Rico at NXR-SW. We haven't been giving this team their full due.

To nobody's surprise, Xavier folled through the girls Division 1 field, but it was not by way of a most memorable performance. A 1-4-14-17-19 team score will usually win (as it did in this case), but 55 points may have been about double some folks were anticipating. No question but that Xavier is the best girls team in Arizona, but a few heads are seeing some extra scratching over this one. Mesa Mountain View runs second at 75 points, and Desert Vista third at 105. 

Arizona Division 1 Meet

Arizona Division 3 Meet

Team Scoring

Combined Team Scoring