Dakota Ridge Invitational 2015

Lakewood, CO

Meet Information

Rankings Meet
Contact: Mark Stenbeck

THIS MEET IS BY INVITATION ONLY. We have set a cap limit on the number of teams we will host for this meet. Invitations are offered to teams who have already been coming to the meet for a number of years and then to teams who email and express interest in getting into the meet. Once the meet is full we will put your team down on a waiting list and we will look to get those teams entered in future years. Thanks for your understanding on this.

Note: we will consider taking highly ranked athletes for the meet on an individual basis. If you have an athlete ranked in the top 30 of your classification by April 12, 2015 and would like to TRY and get them entered in the meet, please email me at drhsrunning@gmail.com. The cost for this will be $20.00 per athlete.

Event Limits 3 (subject to change)
Relay Limits 1

9:30 Coaches Meeting (Pole Vault Check, Shot and Disc Implement Weigh In).

10:30 Girls 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 1-Invite)
10:45 Boys 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 1-Invite)
11:05 Girls 800 M Medley (Finals Heats v Time)
11:15 Girls 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals-1 Heat)
11:30 Boys 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals-1 Heat)
11:40 Girls 100 M High Hurdles (Finals by time )
11:50 Boys 110 M High Hurdles (Finals by time)
12:05 Girls 100 M Dash (Finals by time)
12:15 Boys 100 M Dash (Finals by time)
12:30 Girls 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
12:40 Boys 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
12:50 Girls 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:15 Boys 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:35 Girls 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:45 Boys 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:55 Girls 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:10 Boys 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:25 Girls 300 M LH (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:35 Boys 300 M HH (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:45 Girls 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:00 Boys 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:20 Girls 200 M Dash (Finals-1 Heat)
3:40 Boys 200 M Dash (Finals-1 Heat)
3:50 Girls 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 2)
4:15 Boys 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 2)
4:30 Girls 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
4:40 Boys 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

10:30 AM Field
Girls Pole Vault, Girls Triple Jump, Girls High Jump,, Boys Long Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus.

12:30 PM Field
Boys Pole Vault, Boys Triple Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus, Boys High Jump