Liberty Bell Cross Country Invitational 2015

Littleton, CO


Liberty Bell/St. Vrain Girls Merge Sep 15, 2015

It didn't take Mountain Vista long to find themselves in control of the St. Vrain race and, ultimately, the entire weekend. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Liberty Bell/St. Vrain Boys Merge Sep 15, 2015

If you thought Mountain Vista looked like the top team in the state before this weekend, you might be even more convinced now. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Jeff McCoy's Liberty Bell Album Sep 14, 2015

As we've come to expect over the years, Jeff McCoy gives us a stellar collection of images from Liberty Bell. Check them out! (via MileSplit)

5A-Only Scoring: Liberty Bell Sep 13, 2015

Devon Peterson led Cherry Creek to a convincing DI title, but it was a little less convincing when you throw in D2 Broomfield. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

4A-Only Scoring: Liberty Bell Sep 13, 2015

Matt Kline posted the top Evergreen time from Liberty Bell, but the #2 time came out of the B race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Liberty Bell Start Lists Sep 10, 2015

When you see how long the start list is for Liberty Bell, you begin to understand the crowding on the start line. Colorado Track XC file photo by Jeff McCoy.

Showdown Week!! Sep 08, 2015

It's the week that requires no introduction (but, we'll give it one, anyway)! Photo by Jeff McCoy.