Meet Information


The meet is full for both high school and middle school. No more teams will be accepted this year.

Contact: Mark Roberts

Make all checks payable to: Lyons High School, attn. Jason Maguire, AD. Payment should be sent to 100 McConnell Drive, Lyons, CO 80540

Course Records:
Middle School Boys:
Jack Moroney - Westview (2014) 11:22
Middle School Girls:
Kenadi Krueger - Walt Clark (2014) 12:17
High School Girls:
Allie Chipman - Mountain Vista (2015) 17:55
High School Boys:
Cerake Geberkidane - Denver East (2013) 15:15
Paul Roberts - Lyons (2014) 15:15

NO DOGS ALLOWED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. Please leave your pets at home.

Lyons High School is located at:
100 McConnell Drive, Lyons, CO 80540

We are requesting a (minimum) $5 donation for parking again this year. Parking fees will be donated to Lyons Park and Rec to help the town continue to rebuild from the Flood of 2013. Our volunteers will collect your donations and direct you to available parking. Handicapped attendees will be parked in the south parking lot of the school or in the southern-most part of the big field. Just let our helpers know your need, and they will direct you to the appropriate area. Please carpool if possible.

8:00 National Anthem
8:10 HS Girls Varsity 2A/3A - Run Unlimited, Score 4
8:40 HS Girls Varsity 4A/5A - Run 10, score 5
9:05 HS Boys Varsity 2A/3A - Run Unlimited, Score 4
9:30 HS Boys Varsity 4A/5A - Run 10, score 5
9:55 HS Boys JV
10:25 HS Girls JV
11:00 High School Varsity Awards @ East Grandstand

11:30 Middle School Girls (2-mile race)
11:55 Middle School Boys (2-mile race)

Print your own maps from the link below.

Here are links to several versions of the course map. Please print your own before you come. We will NOT be handing out maps on Saturday morning.

Detailed map:,-105.26722&spn=0.013403,0.016544

Simple map:,-105.267477&spn=0.013403,0.016544

Middle School map:,-105.264966&spn=0.013403,0.016544