John Martin Invite 2018

Fort Collins, CO

Meet Information

Contact: Conrad Crist

Registration help:

2 PM Start Time

Fort Collins High School is hosting a State Qualifying Track Meet on Thursday May 10th 2pm at Fort Collins High School. The purpose of this meet to allow all your varsity athletes a last chance opportunity to qualify for state. The meet will have 3 entries per event but if you need more please don't hesitate to ask, we want to make sure that every kid that is close to state qualifying or just needs one last varsity race has an opportunity. We have an 8-lane, all weather track that always runs very fast! We are excited about this meet and are looking forward to having your team, we hope that this meet will provide your team with a great last chance experience!

There will be no ribbons or trophies to keep the cost of the meet down for teams. The entry fee will be $150 total for both boys and girls teams. While we prefer that teams bring both boys and girls, we will accept boys or girls teams for $75. We will also accept individuals in the meet if you just want to bring up a few kids, the price per individual is $10.






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John Martin Invite

Thursday May 10, 2018

1:15pm            Coaches
Meeting at the Finish Line-No Adds,
No Substitutions

Field Events

2:00 pm           Pole Vault                               Boys                            Finals

                        Triple Jump                             Girls                            Finals

                        High Jump                               Girls                            Finals

                        Long Jump                              Boys                            Finals

                        Shot Put                                  Girls                            Finals

                        Discus                                     Boys                            Finals

        *The field events below will begin
immediately following the field events above

                        Triple Jump                             Boys                            Finals

                        High Jump                               Boys                            Finals

                        Long Jump                              Girls                            Finals

                        Shot Put                                  Boys                            Finals

                        Discus                                     Girls                            Finals

                        Pole Vault                               Girls                            Finals


Running Events: 

***Times below are estimations we will
ahead of schedule if possible, rolling schedule format***

2:00 pm           800m
Medley Relay                Girls                            Finals

2:05 pm           4x800m
Relay                         Girls                            Finals

2:20 pm           4x800m Relay                         Boys                            Finals

2:35 pm           100m High Hurdles                Girls                            Finals

2:45 pm           110m High Hurdles                Boys                            Finals

2:55 pm           100m Dash                              Girls                            Finals

3:05 pm           100m Dash                              Boys                            Finals

3:20 pm           4x200m Relay                         Girls                            Finals

3:30 pm           4x200m Relay                         Boys                            Finals

3:35 pm           1600m Run                             Girls                            Finals

3:50 pm           1600m Run                             Boys                            Finals

4:05 pm           4x100m Relay                         Girls                            Finals

4:15 pm           4x100m Relay                         Boys                            Finals

4:25 pm           400m                                       Girls                            Finals

4:40 pm           400m                                       Boys                            Finals

5:55 pm           300m Low Hurdles                 Girls                            Finals

5:15 pm           300m Intermediate Hurdles    Boys                            Finals

5:30 pm           800m Run                               Girls                            Finals

5:45 pm           800m Run                               Boys                            Finals

6:00 pm           200m Dash                              Girls                            Finals

6:15 pm           200m Dash                              Boys                            Finals

6:30 pm           3200m Run                             Girls                            Finals

6:50 pm           3200m Run                             Boys                            Finals

7:20 pm           4x400m Relay                         Girls                            Finals

7:30 pm           4x400m Relay                         Boys                            Finals

7:40 pm           4x100m Throwers Relay        Girls                            Finals

7:45 pm           4x100m Throwers Relay        Boys                            Finals