2019 Front Range League Championships 2019

Greeley, CO

Meet Information

Front Range League

Track Meet Time Schedule

Wednesday May 1, 2019

At District 6 Stadium

Teams: Boulder, Broomfield, Fairview, Fort Collins, Fossil

Ridge, Greeley West, Horizon, Legacy, Loveland, Monarch, Mountain Range,

Poudre, Rocky Mountain


3:15pm            Coaches

Meeting: Home Locker Room at the North end of the stadium

****No Adds, No Substitutions


Field Events

4:00 pm           Pole Vault                                           Boys                            Finals

                        Triple Jump                                         Girls                            Prelims/Finals

                        High Jump                                           Girls                            Finals

                        Long Jump                                          Boys                            Prelims/Finals

                        Shot Put                                              Girls                            Prelims/Finals

                        Discus                                                 Boys                            Prelims/Finals


Running Events: 

4:00 pm           100m High Hurdles                            Girls                            Prelims

4:20 pm           110m High Hurdles                            Boys                            Prelims           

4:40 pm           100m Dash                                          Girls                            Prelims

5:00 pm           100m Dash                                          Boys                            Prelims

5:20 pm           3200m Heat                                        Girls                            Finals

5:40 pm           400m Run                                           Girls                            Prelims

6:00 pm           400m Run                                           Boys                            Prelims

6:20 pm           3200m Heat                                        Boys                            Finals

6:40 pm           300m Low Hurdles                             Girls                            Prelims

7:00 pm           300m Intermediate

Hurdles                Boys                            Prelims

7:20 pm           200m Dash                                          Girls                            Prelims

7:40 pm           200m Dash                                          Boys                            Prelims

8:00 pm           4x800m Relay                                     Girls                            Finals

8:15 pm           4x800m Relay                                     Boys                            Finals









Front Range League

Track Meet Time Schedule

Friday May 3, 2019

At District 6 Stadium


3:15 PM          Coaches

Meeting: Home Locker Room at the North end of the stadium

****No Adds, No Substitutions

Field Events

4:00 PM          Pole Vault                               Girls                            Finals

                        Triple Jump                             Boys                            Prelims/Finals

                        High Jump                               Boys                            Finals

                        Long Jump                              Girls                            Prelims/Finals

                        Shot Put                                  Boys                            Prelims/Finals

                        Discus                                     Girls                            Prelims/Finals

Running Events: 

4::00 am          800m Medley Relay                Girls                            Finals

4:15 am           1600m Run                             Girls                            Finals

4:30 am           1600m Run                             Boys                            Finals

4:45 am           100m High Hurdles                Girls                            Finals

4:50 am           110m High Hurdles                Boys                            Finals

4:55 am           100m Dash                              Girls                            Finals

5:00 am           100m Dash                              Boys                            Finals

51:05 am         4x200m Relay                         Girls                            Finals

5:15 am           4x200m Relay                         Boys                            Finals

                        25 min Break  (Dinner will be provided during this time in

north locker room)

5:40 am           4x100m Relay                         Girls                            Finals

5:50 am           4x100m Relay                         Boys                            Finals

6:00 pm           400m Run                               Girls                            Finals

6:05 pm           400m Run                               Boys                            Finals

6:15 pm           300m Low Hurdles                 Girls                            Finals

6:20 pm           300m Intermediate

Hurdles    Boys                            Finals

6:30 pm           800m Run                               Girls                            Finals

6:45 pm           800m Run                               Boys                            Finals

7:00 pm           200m Dash                              Girls                            Finals

7:05 pm           200m Dash                              Boys                            Finals


Minute Break

7:25 pm           4x400m Relay                         Girls                            Finals

7:40 pm           4x400m Relay                         Boys                            Finals