Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational 2021

Fort Collins, CO

Meet Information

For the 21st year, we are hosting an early track meet for some of the best teams in the state. The meet will be held on Saturday, March 26th, beginning at 9:00 a.m. for field and running events, at French Field. This will be a state-qualifying meet. 

Each team will be allowed three entries in each individual event and one relay team per event. Medals will be awarded to first place finishers, with ribbons for second through sixth place. Trophies will be presented to the first and second place boys and girls teams. The entry fee will be $175 per team or $325 for both boys and girls. We will also allow individuals to compete, so if you are on Spring Break and only want to bring a few kids, they are welcome as well. Entry fee for individuals is $20 per athlete.

Contact:  Bill McCormick 

cell: 719-330-7981

Runners Roost of Fort

Collins Invitational Time Schedule

                                                            Friday, March 27th, 2020                                                           

8:15 am           Coaches Meeting    No Scratches, No Adds, No Substitutions

Field Events

9:00 am         Pole Vault                               Boys                            Finals

                        Triple Jump                             Girls                            Finals

                        High Jump                               Girls                            Finals

                        Long Jump                              Boys                            Finals

                        Shot Put                                  Girls                            Finals

                        Discus                                     Boys                            Finals

Immediately   Triple Jump                             Boys                            Finals

following        High Jump                               Boys                            Finals

field events     Long Jump                              Girls                            Finals

above              Shot Put                                  Boys                            Finals

                        Discus                                     Girls                            Finals

                        Pole Vault                               Girls                            Finals

Below are tentative times.  We will run ahead of schedule if possible.

Running Events

9:00 am         800m Medley Relay                  Girls                                 Finals (Heats v Time)

9:15 am         4x800m Relay                            Girls                                Finals  (1 heat)

9:30 am         4x800m Relay                            Boys                                Finals  (1 heat)

9:50 am        100m High Hurdles                   Girls                               Finals (Heats v Time)

10:10 am        110m High Hurdles                   Boys                               Finals (Heats v Time)

10:30 am        100m Dash                                 Girls                               Finals (Heats v Time)

10:45 am        100m Dash                                 Boys                              Finals (Heats v Time)

11:00 am          4x200m Relay                            Girls                               Finals (Heats v Time) 

11:15 am          4x200m Relay                            Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

11:30 am          1600m Run                                Girls                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

11:55 am          1600m Run                                Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

12:20 pm          4x100m Relay                            Girls                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

12:35 pm          4x100m Relay                            Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

12:50 pm          400m Run                                  Girls                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

1:10 pm          400m Run                                  Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

1:30 pm          300m Low Hurdles                    Girls                              Finals (Heats v Time)

1:50 pm          300m Intermediate Hurdles       Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

2:15 pm          800m Run                                  Girls                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

2:35 pm          800m Run                                  Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

2:55 pm          200m Dash                                 Girls                              Finals (Heats v Time)

3:15 pm          200m Dash                                 Boys                              Finals (Heats v Time)

3:35 pm          3200m Run                                Girls                              Finals

4:00 pm          3200m Run                                Boys                              Finals

4:25 pm          4x400m Relay                            Girls                              Finals  (Heats v Time)

4:40 pm          4x400m Relay                            Boys                              Finals  (Heats v Time)