TEAM Boss Colorado Mile AND 2 Mile 4 REAL 2022

Niwot, CO

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Team Boss and REAL Training present:

The Team Boss Colorado Mile & 2 Mile 4 REAL!

We have some great new things in store for you this year!

Team Boss & REAL Training are joining forces to offer 2 events in one, both under the lights on Niwot High School's speedy track!

  • The Team Boss Colorado Mile: the second edition of the Team Boss Colorado Mile, a series of mile races set up for you to run fastandraise funds for theSachs Foundation.
  • The 2 Mile 4 REAL: instead of our typical race on the grass, this year's 2 Mile 4 REAL hits the track!

What's the Team Boss Colorado Mile all about?

  • Team Boss is joining in the fun and doing it for a great cause-the Sachs Foundation!
  • Who can race?
    • Middle school athletes and up are welcome!
    • The high school fields will be paced by Team Boss professional runners!
    • Middle school athletes will have their own race as well!
    • And we'll have an open field for masters athletes, adults, coaches, pros, etc.
  • TheSachs Foundationprovides college scholarships for Black and African American students in Colorado. After Team Boss raised $30,000 for the cause in 2020, theSachs Foundationcreated a new scholarship: The Team Boss Equity Scholar. Our goal is to raise enough to reendow the scholarship for 2023!
  • This year, we want to create opportunities for young athletes in our community! We will provide local pros to pace high-schoolers to their own bests. Test your fall training before cross country ends and hang around to cheer for your friends!
  • 2020 Team Boss Colorado Mile Results

What's the 2 Mile 4 REAL all about?

  • The 2 Mile 4 REAL began as an opportunity for high school athletes to tune up between the end of the Colorado racing season and Nike Cross Regionals Southwest (NXR SW).
  • Being only 2 miles, it's also a chance for athlete to get a feel for what paces they'll be hitting at sea-level for upcoming races: NXR SW the following week and NXN/RunningLane a few weeks later.
  • For all athletes, it's also an ideal opportunity to PR on the track when they're XC fit!
  • Depending on the number of entries, we'll have multiple sections so every runner will be racing with their athletic peers.
  • Who can race?
    • HS athletes, MS athletes, adults, masters, youth, coaches, pros, etc.
  • 2021 2 Mile 4 REAL Results
Schedule (stay tuned-start times very tentative based on entry numbers):

Team Boss Colorado Mile

3:30-4:30pm Race-Day Registration

5:00pm Team Boss Colorado Mile: Boys Middle School + Boys High School (Section 1fast)

5:15pm Team Boss Colorado Mile: Girls Middle School + Girls High School (Section 1fast)

5:30pm Team Boss Colorado Mile: Boys High School (Section 2faster)

5:40pm Team Boss Colorado Mile: Girls High School (Section 2faster)

5:50pm Team Boss Colorado Mile: Men's Open + Women's Open

6:00pm Team Boss Colorado Mile Awards

2 Mile 4 REAL

3:30-5:30pm Race-Day Registration

6:15pm 2 Mile 4 REAL: Boys/Mens (Section 1fast)

6:35pm 2 Mile 4 REAL: Girls/Women's (Section 1fast)

6:55pm 2 Mile 4 REAL: Boys/Men's (Section 2faster)

7:10pm 2 Mile 4 REAL: Girls/Women's (Section 2fastest)

7:30pm 2 Mile 4 REAL: Boys/Mens (Section 3fastest)

7:45pm 2 Mile 4 REAL Awards

Awards/Prizes (TBD)

There are 2 ways to contribute to the Sachs Foundation:

Learn more about theSach's Foundation:

Each of us understands that the ability to chase our dreams is a privilege. The opportunity to pursue our passions is the heartbeat of this team and we aim to spread it in our community. To underline our commitment, we are raising funds forSachs Foundation, whose mission is to provide educational opportunities to Black and African American residents of Colorado.

TheSachs Foundationwas first envisioned in 1927 when Henry Sachs promised family friend Effie Stroud, the top student at Colorado Springs High School, that he would pay for her to attend Colorado College. Mr. Sachs personally supported Effie, but it was her brother Dolphus who became the first officialSachs Foundationscholar.

Dolphus Stroud was a phenomenal student and accomplished middle distance runner who qualified for the 1928 Olympic Trials. Dolphus was denied many opportunities because of his race: joining his high school track team, living in the dorms at Colorado College, and riding the USOC train to the Olympic Trials in Boston. None of the above deterred his spirit. Dolphus walked and hitchhiked from Colorado Springs to Boston, arriving a mere six hours before the 5000m Trials Final. He made it 2400m before collapsing due to fatigue and undernourishment. Dolphus remained undeterred. He worked and trained for the summer in Cambridge before starting school and running track at Colorado College. Dolphus earned academic honors and a place in the CC Sports Hall of Fame.

His story inspires us to step up for our Colorado community. We hope you can join us in supportingSachs Foundationto continue their storied history of providing opportunities for Black students in Colorado.

Awards/Prizes (details coming soon):


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