Union Pacific League Meet 2023

Limon, CO

Meet Information

*The MS portion of this Meet has been rescheduled for Monday, May 15 at 4:00pm.   The HS portion will be competed within the 1A/2A Last Chance Meet Saturday and scored out seperatly.


9:00 a.m. Coaches Scratch Meeting in the Cafeteria

10:00 a.m. HS Girls 3200 Meter Relay

HS Boys 3200 Meter Relay

JH Girls800 Meter Medley Relay

HS Girls 800 Meter Medley Relay

Field Events start following HS Girls Medley Relay(4 attempts for each athlete)

Discus Throw HS Boys'/JH Boys'/HS Girls'/JH Girls'

Shot Put HS Girls'/JH Girls'/HS Boys'/JH Boys'

Pole Vault HS Boys'/JH Boys'/HS Girls'/JH Girls'

Long Jump JH Boys'/HS Girls'/JH Girls'/HS Boys'

High Jump-HS Red Pit HS Girls'/HS Boys'

High Jump-JH Green Pit JH Girls'/JH Boys'

Triple Jump HS Boys'/JH Girls'/JH Boys'/HS Girls'

Javelin Throw HS Boys'/HS Girls'

12:00 p.m. Running Events-All Against Time

JH Girls'100 Meter Hurdles

HS Girls'100 Meter Hurdles

JH Boys'110 Meter Hurdles

HS Boys'110 Meter Hurdles

JH Girls'100 Meter Dash

HS Girls'100 Meter Dash

JH Boys'100 Meter Dash

HS Boys'100 Meter Dash

JH Girls'800 Meter Relay

JHBoys'800 Meter Relay

HS Girls'800 Meter Relay

HS Boys'800 Meter Relay

JHGirls'1600 Meter Run

JH Boys'1600 Meter Run

HS Girls'1600 Meter Run

HS Boys'1600 Meter Run

JH Girls'400 Meter Relay

JH Boys'400 Meter Relay

HS Girls'400 Meter Relay

HS Boys'400 Meter Relay

JH Girls'400 Meter Dash

JH Boys'400 Meter Dash

HS Girls'400 Meter Dash

HS Boys'400 Meter Dash

HS Girls'300 Meter Hurdles

HS Boys'300 Meter Hurdles

JH Girls'800 Meter Run

JH Boys'800 Meter Run

HSGirls'800 Meter Run

HS Boys'800 Meter Run

JH Girls'200 Meter Dash

JH Boys'200 Meter Dash

HS Girls'200 Meter Dash

HS Boys'200 Meter Dash

HS Girls'3200 Meter Run

HS Boys'3200 Meter Run

JH Girls'1600 Meter Relay

JHBoys'1600 Meter Relay

HS Girls'1600 Meter Relay

HS Boys'1600 Meter Relay