Emma Gee Carves the Liberty Bell Notch in Her Stick

All by herself at the end, Emma Gee posts the biggest win of her career. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


If you've followed the high school career of Emma Gee at all, you had a hunch something like this was well within the realm of possibility. Gee has joined the ranks of Fairchilds, Brittins, Kaltenbachs, and Fultons who have owned this course on the day of the big event.

By the time Gee had finished her tour of the Highline Canal trail and residential streets that led her back to Heritage High School, she was nine seconds in front of Grandview's Erin Norton, and 19 in front of Arapahoe's Emily Wolff. Fourth place was simply out of sight of these three.

Gee's time of 18:04 would easily stand as the best girls time of the day, and times were generally subdued over Liberty Bell times of recent years, perhaps due to some combination of very high humidity, low barometric pressure, and a generally subdued atmosphere on account of the many schools unable to make it to the meet.

Team titles in Division 1 were taken home by the Arapahoe boys and the Albuquerque Academy girls. Arapahoe's Louis Hood was awarded top honors in the boys race with a time of 15:53, and the Warriors finished 56 points ahead of second-place Doherty. Albuquerque Academy easily turned aside the girls competition with 64 points to 97 for second-place Legacy.

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