Kings and queens of the rings

With throwers like Santana Salazar constantly coming up through the ranks, we've long suspected Lamar has one of the best throwing programs in the state. The point totals from this year's state meet add a lot of weight that suspicion. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Special to Colorado Track XC by Chris Medina

Editor's Note: After seeing my article on the Golden Baton Awards, Chris Medina was motivated to took a closer look at throws scoring by school. Always on the lookout for ways to more effectively promote track and field, I told him I'd be delighted to run an article with the results he uncovered. This is that piece. The idea is the tally up all the points scored by the throwers from the various schools in each classification. The school scoring the most throws points is crowned this year's winner.

1A Throws

Total Points - Hi-Plains 39, Elbert 18

Boys Points - Hi-Plains 24, Elbert 18

Girls Points - Dove Creek 17, Hi-Plains 15

2A Throws

Total Points - John Mall 26, Burlington 19

Boys Points - John Mall 26, Swink 11

Girls Points - Eads 18, Burlington 15

3A Throws

Total Points - Lamar 45, The Classical Academy 26

Boys Points - Trinidad 18, Cedaredge 17

Girls Points - Lamar 31, The Classical Academy 20

4A Throws

Total Points - Sand Creek 33, Longmont 26

Boys Points - Discovery Canyon 20, Sand Creek 16

Girls Points - Longmont 19, Sand Creek 17, Valor Christian 17

5A Throws 

Total Points - Rocky Mountain 27, Fort Collins 24

Boys Points - Rocky Mountain 20, Grandview 9, Mountain Range 9

Girls Points - Fort Collins 24, Rampart 16


What we really need now is another throwing event to help fill out the totals and remove some of the annual variability from a list like this.