State through the lens of Jeff McCoy - boys events

200 meters of full-throttle speed and five meters of tumbling (note Skrine's baton--out of frame--barely cleared the finish line in hand).

Even state meet high jumpers can show signs of bar anxiety.

Now safe to exhale

Chris Epps with lots of room to spare.

Yount holds the lead off the turn...

...but Geberkidane has more speed down the straight.

Let's just say that Mr. Yount has left himself in a very vulnerable positon here.

Making sure it's a friendly figure coming up on his shoulder.

Some runway intensity...

... and some more runway intensity.

Trevor Kelly experimenting with sand as a cloaking device.

Squeezing out the last remaining drops of effort.

Cole Watson all alone in the lead.

Jonathan Roy builds his lead.

One of his closer races, but exultation nevertheless.

No margin for error.

Stay on... stay on... stay on....

One more reason why it's really cool for throwers to use chalk.