Tashay Brown: a faster Golden Buffalo

With the signing of Tashay Brown, the University of Colorado adds another of Colorado's top high school sprinters to their stable. Colorado Track XC file photo.


Tashay Brown's best marks:

60 meters - 7.89

100 meters - 12.37

200 meters - 24.20


Tell us a little about how your decision ended up with the University of Colorado.
My decision ended up with CU based on the academics, the track and field program, and the growth of the school that will be happening in a few years. CU also allows me to compete in a very competitive conference that will push me to be better.
What do you plan to study at CU?
I plan to study Integrated Physiology at CU.
You've run a lot of relays at Eaglecrest, but it seems you mostly run 200s, either as relay legs or as an individual event. Has CU indicated that's what they have in mind for you at the college level, or are there plans to extend your race a little to 400 meters?
I'm glad you asked that question because I asked Coach Drew [Morano] the same question. When I met with him, we went over his plans for me for next year as a 1-2 runner and to also be apart of the 4x4 occasionally.
If you had to pick a favorite moment of your high school career to date, what would that moment be?
My favorite moment of my high school career would have to be this year at state, breaking my school record in the 200m dash and [the school record in] the sprint medley. Along with being state champs in the medley.
You've come through high school just as Colorado girls sprinting seems to have reached its peak. Are there any people you really like to see in the lane next to you when you come to the starting line?
Yes, When I come up to the starting line I really like to see Chyna and the other top athletes. 
Is club track in your plans for this summer or have you shut down the racing until you get to CU?
I will be doing club track this summer; but only a few meets and then I plan on shutting it down after the Great Southwest. So that I'm not worn out when time rolls around for CU. 


That SMR8 school record Tashay referred to was a 1:44.19. Aside from George Washington's all-class record breaker in April, it was the fastest SMR8 in Colorado since Colorado Track XC began cataloging performances for Colorado in 2008.