Colorado entries for Great Southwest

It's a very impressive list of Colorado entries making their way to Great Southwest this weekend.

Girls Entries:

Dior Hall
Chyna Ries
Maya Ries
Carly Lester
Carly Paul
Shayna Yon
Audra Koopman
Alyvia Ayres-Perry
Tabor Scholl
Lexi Reed
Stephanie Bess
Brynell Yount
Damahjanee Birch
Claire Green
Lexi Cox
Alexis Groce
Taylor Valentine
Jordyn Harmon
Daisha Stanley
Rhyanne Pettaway
Tarah Vijayasarathy
Veronica Brtek
Haley Rogers
Kelly Penney
Lexi Llerandi
Maya Evans
London Evans
Kiana Gomez
Rachel Lopez
Josephine Natrasevschi
Megan Mooney
Andrea Willis
Jessica Cusick
Haley Showalter
Jessie Roukema
Ashley Miller
Karli Cumber
Kim Peterson
Kiara Kearney
Rylee Ries
Tashay Brown
ReaAnn Queener
Louise Vandenberghe
Christa Boettiger

Boys entries:

Blake Yount
Zac Petrie
Trevor Rex
Alex Miller
Trevor Cook
Jericho Ulibarri
Chris Youngs
Javan Lanier
Philipp Coen
Mick Norton
Andrew Barlow
Kyle Rex
Calvin Munson
Jacob Amador
Zach Retzlaff
Aaron Ragin
Kossi Tchenawou
Wyatt Swanson
William Campos
Zane Vanderberg
Sam Ambler
In addition, there will be numerous relay entries out of Colorado, to include some athletes not involved in individual events.
Due to the larger than normal amount of entries this year, the running events will now begin at 1 pm instead of 2 pm on Saturday. Field events will begin at the same time on Saturday. There will be a Team Colorado meeting for those athletes who are arriving in Albuquerque (on Friday or before) at 6 PM for girls and 6:15 PM for boys on the north side of the track (steeplechase pit side). This is just a quick, informational, get-to-meet-one-another type of meeting. It is not mandatory, but it would be nice to meet one another.