Photo story: taking the plunge at Great Southwest

There was a lot more getting wet on the girls steeple at Great Southwest than most of us can remember for a steeplechase competition in a good, long time...

It was a hot day in Friday for the Great Southwest steeplechase competitions, so the plunges were not of the bone-chilling variety, but neither were they intentional. In the photos below, you'll see evidence of why the steeplechase is track and field's favorite spectator event and how troublesome it can be when the lead foot doesn't get good purchase on the water jump barrier. If you study the photos carefully, you will see multiple instances of either feet slipping from the barrier or not quite reaching the barrier.

The photos are in sequential order and organized by first, second, and third pass over the barrier. There were no falls on the first pass, but there was considerable inadvertent contact on the first pass. Most of the plunges occurred on the second pass over the barrier, with the biggest single splash coming on the third pass.

Fortunately, the plunge into the steeplechase water pit is typically more terrifying than it is harmful. The water is pretty deep next to the barrier, and that is a safety factor.

First pass over the barrier:

Second pass over the barrier:

And the third pass over the barrier:


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