Rocky Mountain State Games Track in Colorado Springs on Saturday

James Irwin's Kiara Mattern has registered for the 800 and looks to be one of the featured performers for Saturday's track and field competition of the Rocky Mountain State Games. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

Yes, there is still track and field to be had in Colorado. You can go to the Boulder Road Runners track meets (now electronically timed) every other week in Boulder, or you can sign up for the Rocky Mountain State Games in Colorado Springs this Saturday.

The meet will be contested at the St. Mary's Grace Center near UCCS in Colorado Springs (with the pole vault taking place at Palmer Ridge High School). Details of events to be contested, age groups, and a link to the time schedule may all be found at the same link given for registration, above.

And, if you go, whether to watch or to compete, you will get to rub shoulders with a pretty nice set of athletes. Among current Colorado high school athletes registered for the meet are Brittany Fuchs, Vicente Ramirez, Tristan Hinkley, Kiara Mattern, Jennifer Hall, David Merkel, Sydney Marr, Rylee Ries, and Megan Harvey. And, doubtless we'll see a few more entries signing on before registration closes on Wednesday (which may be extended to Thursday, but do not count on that until you see if officially announced).

Some Colorado high school alumni with serious track and field credentials have also signed on for the meet. Among them are Mason Finley (Buena Vista), Joy Warrington (Widefield), Ryan Cook (Rampart), and Chris Burris (Harrison).