State Meet Individual Title Winner Video Interviews

Colorado Track XC talks to Paul Roberts, and a bunch of other athletes, about their state meet races. Photo by Alan Versaw.

We have short video interviews with all of Colorado's individual title winners at state cross country. Plus, there are a few more from high finishers who didn't win state titles and a coach here and there.

I will add links to the article as those videos go up. All video interviews are free content.

Ben Butler - 3A Boys

Rachel and Rebekah Rairdon - 2A Girls

Soleil Gaylord - 2A Girls

Taylor Stack - 3A Boys

Tanner Norman - 4A Boys

Caroline Eck - 5A Girls

Paul Roberts - 2A Boys

Cody Danley - 2A Boys

Quinn McConnell - 3A Girls

Anna Shults - 3A Girls

Lauren Gregory - 5A Girls

Katie Rainsberger and Paige Embaugh - 4A Girls

Coach Jonathan Dalby - 5A Boys and Girls

McKenzie Gaines - 5A Girls

Isaac Green - 5A Boys

Coach Greg Weich - 5A Girls

Sydney Fesenmeyer - 3A Girls