Kiara Kearney: Herbie Husker Signs a High Jumper

Kiara Kearney enters the upcoming track season as one of Colorado's top high jumpers and as a strong threat in the triple jump as well. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Kiara Kearney's Best Marks:

High Jump: 5-7.75

Triple Jump: 35-10

Heptathlon: 3046


First, tell us a little about what you plan to study in college.

My major at Nebraska is undeclared, however I have a strong interest in going into pre-med or pre-law

Surely you had options of where to sign. What clinched the decision to sign with the University of Nebraska?

The decision of me going to UNL basically came down to a moment. It was a tough decision because there were so many schools that could've been right for me. The head coach Gary Peppin sent me a video of the stadium after the football team won against Michigan state. How loud and amazing the fans were and I knew that that was something I wanted to be a part of.

How long has the University of Nebraska been under consideration for you?

UNL is my family school: my mom, aunt, and grandpa all went there, so it was always someplace I had thought about going. I had grown up a Husker fan; the fact that they wanted me to jump for them made it that much more of a perfect fit.

Will you be focusing solely on high jump this winter and spring, or will you be working on other events as well?

This winter and spring I will be high jumping, however I will also probably be working on other events such as hurdles, triple jump, and long jump

Do you have any remaining goals for high school track and field that you're willing to share?

My main goal this year is to be a more consistent jumper. I want to consistently jump high heights so that I can progress with consistency. I also am hoping to win state this year in high jump and place in triple jump.

If you had to pick a highlight moment of your high school career to date, tell us what that would be.

My highlight moment was definitely jumping at state last year with Ashlyn [Hare]. It was so amazing to jump alongside her and be a part of a program that made us able to compete at such a high level. It was amazing standing on that podium next to her knowing what we had accomplished .

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