Sallie Tucker: A Bearcat Four Years in the Making

Sallie Tucker's high school career has been all about hurdles until this year, but expect to see some middle distance and distance in the mix this spring. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Sallie Tucker's Best Marks:

100 Hurdles: 17.06

300 Hurdles: 46.11

5K Cross Country: 22:25


Start by telling us a little about the decision for Willamette. What made this the school where you wanted to spend the next four years of your life?

I chose Willamette mostly for the academics. I was looking for a smaller college within a city that had a good academic rigor and Willamette fit that very well. I also visited their track program and really enjoyed the coaches and other athletes.

What do you plan to study there?

I hope to study chemistry and chemical engineering there

Hurdles have been the bread and butter of your high school experience, but you ran cross country this fall as well, something you'd never done before. Tell us about that decision.

The main reason I ran cross country was for recruiting purposes, and to stay in shape for the spring. However, I did find that I really enjoyed it and I hope to integrate into more of a 1600 and 800m runner as well as the distance hurdles.

You had a shorter season last spring, I believe due to an injury. Are you fully back and ready to go with the hurdles again for this spring?

Yes, I did have a poor season last year due to an injury of turf toe (a sprain of the big toe tendon), and I got mono at the end of the season. But my toe has recovered, and I'm doing my best to stay healthy this whole spring.
What goals drive your preparation for the spring season?

My main goals for this season are to break my personal record in the 300m hurdles, and also to get good times in some distance events. I would like to go into college with a good start on distance running. 

If you had to pick the top personal highlight of your high school career to date, what would that be?

My top personal highlight would probably be getting third in state in the 300m hurdles my freshman year. That was the moment I knew I wanted to continue pursing track outside of high school.