Cayli Hume: All the Comforts of Manhattan

Cayli Hume moves from a very successful high school career at Dakota Ridge to big hopes and dreams at an unexpected destination of Kansas State. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Cayli Hume's Best Marks

400 Meters - 59.09

800 Meters - 2:14.70

1600 Meters - 5:18.82 (at altitude)

5K Cross Country - 18:50


Tell us about the decision for Kansas State. What factors played into your decision?

It's actually a pretty funny story. For most of my life, I've told people that I hate Kansas, so when Coach Ryun started recruiting me, I wasn't all that interested. But after visiting other schools, it felt like none of them really had the athletic and academic combination I was looking for. K-State was my last visit and the timing could not have been more perfect. I was surprised to find that Manhattan, Kansas, is actually incredibly beautiful and that the campus is equally as stunning. They had the academic program I wanted and the running aspect was also a perfect fit. Coach Ryun is an incredible coach and he is clearly invested not only in his athletes' performance, but also in their character.

What do you plan to study at K-State?

I plan to study Nutrition Sciences and Spanish.

Has the new coaching staff there given you a clear idea of what their vision is for you in terms of events?

We haven't explicitly set in stone what I will be racing but my focus will most likely be the 1500 and 800. I've also always wanted to try my hand at pole vault, but I'm pretty sure that's off the table. 

If you had to choose between track and cross country which would it be?

I would have to pick track, although I love cross country as well. As much as I love the team aspect of cross country, I prefer the shorter distances in track. 

Pick a favorite moment from your high school career to date for us.

The last three weeks of this past cross country season were definitely my favorite. After missing a turn at the league meet (my teammates and I still enjoy joking about my sense of direction) and costing my team the league title, it was incredible to see the way my teammates rallied around me and the way that I got to glorify God through that crazy day. We went on to win the regional title and finish seventh at state. We've changed so much as a team these past four years and I could not be prouder of the determination and love of my teammates.

What's still left to achieve in your final season of high school track and field?

I definitely have my eye on some PRs in everything from the 200 to the 1600. However, my main purpose and desire this season is to glorify God in whatever way he provides.