Colorado State Cross Country Full Meet Merges

Battle Mountain had the hunting party out early in the 4A Girls race. Photo by Alan Versaw.

There are several things to understand about merges, most importantly to include the following:

1. Merges more or less assume that all races were equally competitive and went out at the same pace. This is transparently not so.

2. Merges ignore the differences in conditions between races. In today's case the most favorable conditions were early in the day and conditions deteriorated with increasing heat during the day. How much difference did conditions make? That's really difficult to say.

But, with those very important caveats on the table, here is what a full meet boys merge and full meet girls merge looks like (I will do a top 20 or so merge for both boys and girls as time permits). Note the the merges require MileSplit Pro to view.

Full Meet Boys Merge

Full Meet Girls Merge