A Quick Pass Over Wednesday's Meet Results

Altogether, Monarch's girls claimed nine event titles at the Boulder Quad, including a dominating win in the 4x100 shown here.

We're getting several rankings meets in this week before the big weather bomb hits on Friday.

Speaking of that weather bomb coming, the Broomfield Shootout has already ducked for cover and moved to Saturday. That leaves no rankings meets remaining on Friday but bolsters the Saturday schedule (though it could create a few Saturday conflicts for athletes that may have been planning to go back-to-back).

And, lots of athletes have been getting their track and field in early this week, without so much as even an issue from the wind.


Among the highlights from the Boulder Quad were Lauren Neugeboren taking a sweep of the 1600 and 800 in 5:17 and 2:23. You can probably figure which was which without my help. 

Mia Manson and Heidi Liles went 1-2 in both the high jump and the pole vault, giving Monarch a distinct edge in the bar events. Both Manson and Liles did the 5-0 thing at the high jump, but Manson's 12-4 thing at the pole vault put her 16 inches beyond Liles, who still had a very solid 11-0. 

Manson, however, missed the triple when teammate Danielle Honan edged her in the 100 with a 12.59 of the wind legal variety.

At this point you're probably not surprised to learn that Monarch dominated the team scoring, very nearly doubling up on Fairview in second.

Boys highlights included a Dixon-Green-Russo Monarch sweep of the distance events. Even bigger, though, was the first sub-8 4x800 of the season to open the meet. Monarch did that, too. And, yes, this is very early in the season for a sub-8 4x800. I don't ever recall one coming this soon in the time I've been doing Colorado Track XC.

Monarch's team title was further aided and abetted by a sweep of the throwing events by Nico Heineke Magri. Of the two, his 52-2 in the shot put was the more impressive.

In any case, you can probably guess which team won the boys title, too.

Moving to the Adams 12 Five Star Championships, we'll remove the team suspense early and tell you Legacy won the girls crown and Horizon the boys.


Zoe Gilbertson is working her way back from injury, but not yet in the hurdles. On this evening, she was satisfied (maybe) to earn a 12.70 win in the 100. Highlighting the girls performances was a clean sweep of the 800-1600-3200 by Stephanie Carrasco. And she didn't win by just a little in any of those three races. All that probably led to either a) sleeping like a rock or b) barely sleeping at all last night.

A race in the 100 between Legacy's Ethan Simmons and Horizon's Cade Verkler that was so close a camera was needed to call the result at 11.49 wasn't nearly as close in the 200, as Simmons pulled off the sweep with a 23.33. 

Mountain Range sophomore D'Angello Wright had the best of the rest of the results with a 6-3 winning high jump. Odds are very good that that clearance will qualify Wright for State even as it stands.