Colorado Track XC 1A Girls All-State

Jentry Largent won two state titles outright, was part of a third on a relay, and also part of a runner-up relay at State.

1A Girls All-State

Bree-Ann Carwin, Senior, Baca County (3rd place - 800, 4th place - 400)

Melanie Deering, Senior, Kiowa (state champion - 400, 800, 5th place - high jump)

Callie Dickerson, Senior, Haxtun (state champion - discus)

Haley Dietz, Senior, Arickaree (state runner-up - triple jump, 5th place - long jump)

Heather Graham, Junior, Genoa-Hugo (state champion - shot put, 3rd place - discus)

Kylee Holden, Senior, Granada (state runner-up - 100H, 300H)

Kaitlyn Houghton, Sophomore, Caliche (state champion - 300H, 4th place - 100H)

Emily Kaiser, Senior, Prairie (state champion - long jump, triple jump)

Tarin Kemp, Junior, Granada (state champion - 100H, 4th place - 300H)

Jentry Largent, Sophomore, DeBeque (state champion - 100, 200, one state champion relay, one state runner-up relay)

Tatelyn Lasley, Senior, Springfield (state runner-up - 400, 3rd place - 200, two state champion relays)

Megan Levine, Senior, Lake City Community (state runner-up - 800, 1600, 3rd place - 400, one state champion relay)

Peighton Lindo, Senior, Wiley (state runner-up - long jump)

Zariah Mason, Junior, Kim (state runner-up - 100, 200)

Faith Novess, Sophomore, DeBeque (state runner-up - high jump, 3rd place - 100H, one state champion relay, one state runner-up relay)

Jerraldawn Rector, Junior, Simla (state champion - high jump)

Emma Schaefer, Junior, Shining Mountain Waldorf (state champion - 1600, 3200, 4th place - 800)

Mariah Smith, Junior, Eads (state runner-up - discus)

Marie Smith, Senior, Holly (state runner-up - shot put, 5th place - discus)

Leann Wagner, Junior, Heritage Christian Academy (state runner-up - 3200, 3rd place - 1600, 5th place - 800)

Alex Weyerman, Senior, Idalia (state champion - pole vault)

I hope to forestall a lot of questions here by letting you folks know a few things about the formula I'm using here to determine the all-state team. State places in individual events up to place 5 count for consideration, first or second-place relays count for consideration, and a season-best mark for the classification without a state championship counts for consideration. All these contribute to a point total, and the top 20 point totals become the all-state team. Ties may be broken by additional state places beyond 5th. In this case, there was an unresolved tie at place #20, so the all-state team has 21 members

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