Lords And Ladies Of The Leap

Drew Ellis was a key element in propelling Pawnee to the 1A Lords and Ladies of the Leap crown.

This year, and at the suggestion of another coach, I've expanded the honors for groups of events to include not just relays and throws, but jumps as well. The idea, though, is the same--which schools in each classification cobbled together the most points by way of the high jump, long jump, and triple jump (the pole vault is a matter unto itself and is left out of this total)?

Here's what we get from this year's state meet:


Top Team - Pawnee, 29 points

2nd Place - Simla, 25 points


Top Team - Paonia, 39 points

2nd Place - Yuma, 21 points


Top Team - Sterling, 54 points

2nd Place - Elizabeth, 49.5 points


Top Team - Vista Ridge, 46.5 points

2nd Place - Pueblo West, 29 points


Top Team - Fountain-Fort Carson, 36 points

2nd Place - Fort Collins, 31 points

And perhaps an honorable mention to D'Evelyn, whose 33 points would have placed them in any classification except 3A.

There it is for your 2017 bragging rights for the jumps!