Add The Pearl Street Mile To Your List Of Upcoming Events

Blazing high school mile times on the streets of Boulder? Believe it!

I try not to get myself involved in publicity for road races much here, but if you have lived in Colorado for any length of time and have been involved with the running community at all, you know something about Boulder's annual Pearl Street Mile.  

This year's Pearl Street Mile has added a new twist--a high-school-only version of the event. 

I'm honestly not sure if this high-school-only race is in response to the Colorado Springs Community Mile going hard after the high school crowd or simply a convergence of neat ideas, but there will be road race miles on back-to-back dates (August 9 and 10) here in Colorado. 

It remains to be seen if anyone does both, but I'm guessing a few folks (and perhaps not necessarily from the high school ranks) will.

And, what if someone suddenly drops a sub-4 mile in one of these events? What then?

Colorado Track XC will be posting results of both events as soon as they become available. If you can't be there, it shouldn't be a long wait to find out what happened.

Additionally, there are actually quite a few upcoming local events of general interest about to take place. I hope I'm not missing anything here (if I am, feel free to send me a note and I will update the list), but that list would include:

  • The National High School Trail Championships in Salida on July 29 (look for an article soon in anticipation of this event)
  • The Run for Rwanda 5K in Colorado Springs on August 5 
  • Boulder Road Runners track meets in Boulder on August 3 and 17
  • and, of course, the Pearl Street Mile and Colorado Springs Community Mile in Boulder and Colorado Springs, respectively, on August 8 and 9
  • regrettably, there will be no State Fair Street Vault this year.

Each of these events, in one form or another, goes out of its way to accommodate interested high school track and field/cross country athletes.

Following these, cross country scrimmages take place on August 19, followed by the first actual meets on August 25. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it's all about to get serious.