2017 Denver North Invitational: Weekday Madness!

Brock Dykema logged his first individual title of the season at Tuesday's Denver North Invitational. File photo.

Willis Case Golf Course must be a sweet place to run. Any Tuesday meet that can draw in excess of 25 teams has something good going for it. That's the first thing you need to know about the Denver North Viking Invitational.

The second thing you might want to know is that it looks like Silver Creek may have found a little bit of their mojo back. The Raptors swooped into this meet, talons exposed, and inflicted some serious damage.

Team scoring was over at 8th place. 8th place! Brock Dykema took the individual title, Logan Simington followed in fourth, and then 6-7-8 went to James Lee, Eliott Cassidy, and Zach Beckwith. All somewhere between 16:25 and 17:46.

That was quick.

And, Chase Dornbusch, Yonatan Kefle, and Lucas Jordan were the only ones to break up a Silver Creek perfect score. In a meet of 25 or so teams, that's rather impressive.

Lakewood's 99 points in second were almost four times the Silver Creek winning total of 26. D'Evelyn and Denver South, two very respectable teams, were third and fourth with 109 and 116, respectively. The Silver Creek domination was comprehensive.

It would be easy to say D'Evelyn dominated the small-school part of the meet--and that would be true--but it was, honestly, D'Evelyn didn't figure to meet much resistance at this one. It didn't help that Resurrection was without the services of Christian Fagerlin.

Team scoring was a little more interesting, but still a bit lopsided, on the girls side. This time, it was Golden's turn to turn out the lights and declare the party over. 

Jadyn Goodrich got the Demons going in third. Mary Fox added another top ten finish. And Rachel Goodrich, Madelynn Gerritsen, and Maggie O'Connell had completed clean-up duties by place 15.

Littleton and Lakewood led with Addi Iken (19:33) and Carley Bennett (19:57) but couldn't keep it close in the team scoring. Laura Romero had the top finish for the home team in fifth. 

Interestingly, though D'Evelyn's boys showed up, the D'Evelyn girls did not. That left Denver North's 95 points as easily the top total among small schools, and third overall. Silver Creek slid safely into second (the throw from the plate was high and outside) with 82 points.