2017 Centennial League: Grandview and Cherokee Trail To The Top

Caitlin McConnell extended her run of nice races yesterday with a second at the Centennial League Championships. File Photo.

Anyone who thought Monday's snowstorm (and recent spate of grey, wet weather) was a precursor of things to come hasn't lived in Colorado very long. Cherry Creek State Park, not long-time site deKoevend Park, hosted this year's edition of the Centennial League Championships. With temperatures near 80 degrees, the contrast between the two courses was evident, especially to the athletes.

While deKoevend offers a leafy, shady layout for the runners, Cherry Creek's course (on which the Cherry Creek/Steve Lohman Invitational is contested) is lacking in foliage to provide relief from cloudless, sunny skies. It goes without saying that quite a few runners suffered the effects of the uncomfortable conditions.