A Changing Of The Guard At Colorado Track XC

The new year brings a major shift in responsibilities at Colorado Track XC!

During the month of January, you will be noting some changes taking place at Colorado Track XC.

January of 2018 is designated as a month of transition. In this month I will be transitioning out of the role of the visible public face of Colorado Track XC, while Bobby Reyes will be transitioning into that role.

I will remain with Colorado Track XC in a much more limited role than in the past, principally in the role of posting results and ensuring that things related to that side of the site are working smoothly. I will make myself available to Bobby for some meet coverage as well, when his desires for coverage converge with where The Classical Academy will be competing.

Decisions about editorial content, meets to be covered, development of social media outreach, and the like, will fall under Bobby's supervision entirely by the end of January.

Meet directors and timers will continue to send meet results to me for publication and posting to athlete pages/rankings.

Bobby has been around the sport for nearly 25 years, having competed at Dacula High School in Georgia, where he was the 2002 5A state cross country champion. After briefly competing in college, he went on to win the 2010 USATF Club Track 10,000 in a meet record of 29:51 while competing for the defunct Boulder Express under the coaching of former marathon world record holder Steve Jones. 

While training alongside some of Boulder's best distance runners, he turned his attention to the pen, publishing articles in Competitor Magazine, Colorado Runner Magazine, ESPN, as well as MileSplit. 

Additionally, he served the role as Sports Editor at the Gunnison Country Times for several years, where he covered a variety of sports, including cross country and track, before moving back to the Front Range where he's now at the editorial desk at the Aurora Sentinel

As for me, it has now been 10 years, almost to the day, since I took on the responsibility of running Colorado Track XC. It's been an exhilarating experience, but also an exhausting one. The job has grown beyond what one person can adequately handle in the time I have to give to it. It is time for me to scale back some responsibilities.

Along the way, many of you have adapted to doing things in a fashion that made my job much easier than it could have been. Many of you have proactively inquired with me about how you can do things so as to make my job easier. Thank you very much for that.  I trust you will continue those practices with Bobby.