Sadio Fenner: Rampart to Nebraska

Sadio Fenner counts winning the Great Southwest steeplechase as a major highlight of his high school career.


Sadio Fenner's Best Marks

800 Meters - 2:00.78

1600 Meters - 4:20.41 (at altitude)

2 Miles - 9:53.15 (at altitude)

5K Cross Country - 15:59

2000 Meter Steeplechase - 6:21.94 (at altitude)


Tell us about the decision for Nebraska. What made that the program you wanted to be a part of?

When I took my visit, I was overwhelmed with all of the great opportunities I would have as both an athlete, but more importantly a student. The community was very friendly but the thing that stood out to me the most was that all across the board, the athletes were dedicated to their studies and competing and working hard day in and day out to get better. I found it reassuring to know that even as an athlete, the team prioritizes standing out academically by ensuring that every athlete has the tools necessary to succeed. Having seen all of this, I had decided that I would thrive in such a positive environment and thus made the commitment.

What do you plan to study at Nebraska?

I will be studying pre-medical research in hopes of being able to get my doctorate and then applying it to biomedical research and sports medicine. 

Late last spring and summer, you dabbled some in the steeplechase. Is this something you hope to continue this year and possibly forward at Nebraska as well?

I fell in love with the steeplechase and I'm counting down the days till I get to race it again. I do plan on pursuing the steeple in college as the event is one of a kind and is like nothing else I've ever raced and from what I understand, the 3k steeple is an entirely different beast from the 2k and I'm more than excited to make the transition.

You've run everything from 800 meters to cross country and steeplechase. Are you settling yet on a favorite event, or is the variety itself what keeps you doing so many different races?

As far as high school season goes, I think the mile is starting to grow on me but for my overall favorite it would undoubtedly be the steeplechase. I do love track for the reason that you can run multiple distances and you're not tied down to one event over the course of the season which keeps things interesting.

Pick a favorite moment from your high school career to date to tell us a little about...

As you could probably guess my favorite memory thus far has been winning the steeple at the Great Southwest. Going into the race, I was extremely nervous and some of the spectators near the start line were talking about my shorts and that I would most likely fall on the first water jump so the fact that I ended up winning the race and proving them wrong was a feeling that I can't even begin to describe. But even aside from just the race itself, the journey to get there was even more memorable, all of the phenomenal athletes I got a chance to race with and watch compete in other events, the friendships I made, and all of the support from my high school coach, Robby Young, and the Team Colorado coach, Quinn Pack were all things that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

Do you have any goals for your final high school season that you're willing to tell us about?

I still dwell on my performance at the state meet last year in the mile so I have been working harder in the off season to prepare myself to race better this year not only in terms of qualifying and placing at state this year as every year it seems that Colorado as a whole gets exponentially faster and shows no signs of slowing down, but also running faster times all around. Ultimately though, I just want to be faster and stronger than I was the year before and if I can achieve that, I'll be satisfied.