Colorado Weekend In Review: Jan. 25 - 28

USATF-Colorado State Indoor Championships

Cadet Field House  USAFA, CO 
Jan 28, 2018

The best in Colorado descended on the Cadet Field House for the Colorado State Indoor Championships, and the meet did not disappoint. A laundry list of top performances were recorded at Air Force. 
Highlighting the meet were some jaw-dropping (and suspiciously fast) 60 meter times. Sterling Brassfield cut nearly three-tenths of a second of his best to take the win in a personal best of 6.81 -- that's the No. 3 mark in the country, another three-hundredths of a second faster and he'd be No. 1. Another crazy drop in time came from second-place Cornelius Foxworth, who also dipped under seven-seconds (and four-tenths of a second faster then his previous best of 7.32.) 
The girls 60 was just as impressive, with Arria Minor winning in 7.44. All six girls in the final went under 7.91. For the hurdles the highlight came from Zion Gordon, who ran 7.98 for No. 11 in the country. 
The girls 400 went to Kyairra Reigh, who won in 55.91 -- No. 15 in the country ,while pole vaulter Mia Manson made huge gains, tallying a mark of 13-0.25 for the No. 1 mark in the state and No. 8 in the country. Likewise, her brother Max Manson took the top spot with a jump of 16-5.25, for No. 1 in the state and No. 8 in the country. 
Most Colorado distance runners tend to go into hibernation during the indoor season, but the meet saw some solid performances in the longer events. For the girls Carley Bennett won the mile in a state-leading 5:29. James Thomas took the boys 800 in 2:00 while Landon Rast ran a state-leading 4:33 in the mile. Not too far behind Rast was 4:20 miler Sadio Fenner, who finished second in 4:37, and Colton Stice, who rounded out the top-three in 4:40. 

587 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (58)
60mF 1 1st7.44Arria MinorDenver Lightning
60mF 1 2nd7.66Maya Evansunat-co
60mF 1 3rd7.69Dajaz DefrandDenver Lightning
60mF 1 4th7.70Jaiden ParisAngel Flight
60mF 1 5th7.91Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
60mF 1 5th7.91Syanne AlgeeDenver Lightning
60mp 1 1st7.43Arria MinorDenver Lightning
60mp 4 2nd7.65Maya Evansunat-co
60mp 7 3rd7.68Dajaz DefrandDenver Lightning
60mp 5 4th7.77Jaiden ParisAngel Flight
60mp 6 5th7.85Dawnielle LewisFK Elite
60mp 8 6th7.87Syanne AlgeeDenver Lightning
60mp 9 6th7.87Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
60mp 9 8th7.92Abigail TammingaFK Elite
60mp 8 9th7.93Maya ProvencalAngel Flight
60mp 7 10th8.00Abigail BrownAMATA
60mp 3 10th8.00Lauren GaleReal Training
200mF 1 1st23.80Arria MinorDenver Lightning
200mF 1 2nd24.75Dajaz DefrandDenver Lightning
200mF 1 3rd24.80Maya Evansunat-co
200mF 1 4th24.86Kyairra ReighDenver Lightning
200mF 2 5th25.51Jaiden ParisAngel Flight
200mF 1 6th25.83Maya ProvencalAngel Flight
200mF 2 7th25.86Syanne AlgeeDenver Lightning
200mF 2 8th25.91Ayana BrownDenver Lightning
200mF 2 9th26.00Mary GillettReal Training
400mF 1 1st55.91Kyairra ReighDenver Lightning
400mF 1 2nd56.73Lauren GaleReal Training
400mF 1 3rd57.83Mary GillettReal Training
400mF 1 4th58.48Marlena PreighRic Rojas Running
400mF 2 5th59.51Monika WilliamsAngel Flight
400mF 2 6th59.65Kiona GibbsDenver Lightning
400mF 1 7th1:00.04Aliyah GeorgeColorado Springs Track Club
400mF 1 7th1:00.04Aliyah GeorgeColorado Springs Striders
400mF 3 8th1:00.19Kaylee KearseColorado Springs Track Club
400mF 3 9th1:00.43Helen MaleyDenver Lightning
400mF 2 10th1:00.59Maggie SmithReal Training
800mF 1 1st2:21.40Lauren Neugeborenunat-co
800mF 1 2nd2:23.00Samree DishonReal Training
MileF 1 1st5:29.55Carley BennettValor Track Academy
60HF 1 1st8.74Jaiden ParisAngel Flight
60HF 1 2nd9.08Delaney SmithColorado Jets
60HF 1 3rd9.11Kylie DavisFK Elite
HJF 1 1st5-7Riley MastenFK Elite
HJF 1 1st5-7Anna HallFK Elite
LJF 1 1st19-2.75Maya Evansunat-co
LJF 1 2nd17-2.25Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
LJF 1 3rd17-0.5Chian DeLoachAngel Flight
TJF 1 1st36-0.75Hailey HarrisFK Elite
TJF 1 2nd35-9.25Caitlin SimmonsAMATA
TJF 1 3rd35-5Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
PVF 1 1st13-0.25Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-6.5Hayley Rayburnunat-co
PVF 1 3rd11-0.75Abigail GrayAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th10-6.75Choying Obrienunat-co
PVF 1 4th10-6.75Lauren Jarossyunat-co
PVF 1 6th10-0.75Logan KuskieAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 6th10-0.75Gabrielle Varelaunat-co
Boys (54)
60mF 1 1st7.09Korey HairstonDenver Lightning
60mF 1 2nd7.10Gavin Sawchukunat-co
60mF 1 3rd7.12Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mF 1 4th7.14Frank NashReal Training
60mF 1 5th7.16Hassan El-aminSprint 50
60mF 1 6th7.20Nathaniel AnsahGazelle Sprint Club
60mp 3 1st6.81Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mp 3 2nd6.91Cornelius FoxworthAngel Flight
60mp 8 3rd7.14Hassan El-aminSprint 50
60mp 9 4th7.15Frank NashReal Training
60mp 3 5th7.17Jared AmmonAMATA
60mp 2 6th7.18Korey HairstonDenver Lightning
60mp 5 7th7.21Gavin Sawchukunat-co
60mp 8 8th7.22Nathaniel AnsahGazelle Sprint Club
60mp 4 9th7.23D'Ante Gilesunat-co
60mp 9 10th7.24Jaquaireus GrantColorado Springs Track Club
60mp 6 10th7.24Luke ArkellAMATA
200mF 1 1st22.19Jalen LyonAMATA
200mF 1 2nd22.30Deondre Ritterunat-co
200mF 2 3rd22.67Hassan El-aminSprint 50
200mF 2 4th22.89Ethan Kellerunat-co
200mF 1 5th22.94Jaquaireus GrantColorado Springs Track Club
200mF 2 6th23.08Korey HairstonDenver Lightning
200mF 3 7th23.14Gavin Sawchukunat-co
200mF 3 8th23.17Garrett Nelsonunat-co
200mF 1 9th23.22Luke ArkellAMATA
400mF 1 1st51.13Kobe ChristiansenElevate Athletics
400mF 1 2nd51.17Jared AmmonAMATA
400mF 1 3rd51.23Garrett Nelsonunat-co
400mF 3 4th51.37Abdinajib AbadeGazelle Sprint Club
400mF 2 5th51.96Mason AnthonyFK Elite
400mF 2 6th51.98Jason Farrellunat-co
800mF 1 1st2:00.84James Thomasunat-co
MileF 1 1st4:33.09Landon Rastunat-co
MileF 1 2nd4:37.55Sadio Fennerunat-co
MileF 1 3rd4:40.24Colton Sticeunat-co
60HF 1 1st7.98Zion GordonFK Elite
60HF 1 2nd8.21Joel NyatusahGazelle Sprint Club
60HF 1 2nd8.21Cameron HarrisFK Elite
LJF 1 1st22-1Frank NashReal Training
LJF 1 2nd21-11Deshaun StevensDream Chaser
PVF 1 1st16-5.25Max MansonAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd15-0Justin SandbergAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd14-6Connor QuinlanAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th14-0Eric Caseyunat-co
PVF 1 5th13-6.25Josiah MolasconAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 5th13-6.25Travis Thomasunat-co
PVF 1 7th13-0.25Griffin Hamptonunat-co
PVF 1 8th13-0.25Andrew Jorgensonunat-co
PVF 1 9th13-0.25Tyler Forbesunat-co
PVF 1 10th13-0.25Seth Rohrunat-co
PVF 1 11th13-0.25Stephen VaughnAbove the Bar Track Club
SF 1 1st52-11.5Reece Davidsonunat-co
SF 1 2nd50-3.5Kain MedranoFAST

Colorado Mines HS Indoor Series #4

Steinhauer Field House, CSM  Golden, CO 
Jan 25, 2018
328 Total Performances

After going a little long the previous week, Mines changed up the schedule and ditched running dozens upon dozens of heats in the 200. The change was well worth it. 
On the competitive side of the meet, Sydnee Larkin continued her comeback tour, dominating the long jump -- she's got the No. 2 mark in the state right now, which is also No. 5 in the country (additionally, she's got the No. 3 mark in the country in the triple jump.)
2018 also got its first glimpse of Madison Mooney, who busted some rust in the 800 and the 400. Mooney won both events with ease, running 1:00.56 in the 400 and 2:17 in the 800. 
The shot put was dominated by state-leader Reece Davidson. Davidson claimed the win in 50-07, just off his personal best. 
Capping off the impressive results coming from the field, Michael Hanna jumped for a mark of 44-05.05 to win the triple jump. The mark is No. 2 in the state. Not far behind was Fischer James Argosino, who jumped 42-06 -- the No. 5 mark in the state. 

Elite Performances

Girls (25)
60mF 1 1st7.82Dawnielle LewisFK Elite
60mF 1 2nd7.95Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
60mF 1 3rd7.96Abigail BrownAMATA
60mF 1 4th7.99Abigail TammingaFK Elite
400mF 1 1st1:00.56Madison MooneyBroomfield High School
800mF 1 1st2:17.02Madison MooneyBroomfield High School
3000mF 1 1st11:08.95Addi Ikenunat-co
60HF 1 1st8.98Anna HallFK Elite
60HF 1 2nd8.99Kylie DavisFK Elite
LJF 1 1st19-4.5Sydnee LarkinFK Elite
LJF 1 2nd17-10.7Anna HallFK Elite
LJF 1 3rd17-8.25Abigail TammingaFK Elite
LJF 1 4th17-5.5Kara LucykVista Nation Track Club
LJF 1 5th17-4Caitlin SimmonsAMATA
LJF 1 6th17-0Mariela HollinesFK Elite
LJF 1 7th16-9.5Hailey HarrisFK Elite
LJF 1 8th16-7.75Caelyn GomezFK Elite
LJF 1 9th16-5.75Natalie SmithOlympia Track Club
TJF 1 1st41-2.5Sydnee LarkinFK Elite
TJF 1 2nd37-1.5Chian DeLoachunat-co
TJF 1 3rd37-0.25Mariela HollinesFK Elite
PVF 1 1st12-6Hayley RayburnElite-Air Pole Vault
PVF 1 1st12-6Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
PVF 1 3rd12-0Abigail GrayAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th10-6Lizzie WatersValor Track Academy
Boys (13)
60mF 1 1st7.13Luke ArkellAMATA
60mF 1 2nd7.21Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60HF 1 1st8.11Zion GordonFK Elite
TJF 1 1st44-5.5Michael Hannaunat-co
PVF 1 1st16-0Max MansonAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd15-0Justin Sandbergunat-co
PVF 1 3rd14-0Cole Rowanunat-co
PVF 1 5th13-0Joseph WhiteAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 5th13-0Griffin Hamptonunat-co
PVF 1 5th13-0Mason Adamsunat-co
PVF 1 5th13-0Tyler Forbesunat-co
Sf 1 1st50-7Reece Davidsonunat-co
Sf 1 2nd49-1James HeaterRough Rider Track Club