2018 CSML Meet: A Few Into State Under The Wire

Brandon Deas gets to watch the rankings tonight and wait and see if his 11.08 100 gets him to the big dance.

Like most league meets that fall in the final week before State, you get a serious mixed bag of performances at the CSML.

There are those athletes tuning up for one more confidence-boosting effort before State. There are those athletes running on fumes and just trying to survive to the end of the season. And there is every imaginable kind of athlete in between.

Athletes in the more technical events tend to be those who have the largest investment in finding that big breakthrough before State. Aside from those on the outside looking in, distance runners tend to be among those trying to rest up a little before State.

We saw some of both at this weekend's 4A/5A CSML. Weather conditions were generally cooperative, but breezes and lower barometric pressure were not generally helpful.

Those who advanced to State earned it this weekend.

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