Week Six Coaches Poll: Boys

The story coming out of this week's set of rankings is the shakeup in 5A. With October just days away, it appears that Dakota Ridge had been holding their cards very, very close to the chest through the first half of the season. And now we're finally seeing what they've got...


We've got a big shakeup in 5A...

For the first time this season Mountain Vista is not on top of the rankings. Dakota Ridge dominated Save Sanders this past weekend, earning the top spot this week. Afterwards, Austin Vancil and Connor Ohlson spoke about their team race. Clearly, we may be seeing more impressive performances coming from Dakota Ridge...

The biggest move came from Castle View, who jumped five spots to No. 5 after their fourth-place finish behind Dakota Ridge, Mountain Vista, and Heritage at Dave Sanders.


There was en eyebrow raising clash at Pat Patten that saw Centaurus down Niwot this past Saturday, but that didn't rattle the pollsters much. While we did see the No. 2 team in the state (Centaurus) beat the No. 1 team in the state (Niwot), it came with tiny littler asterisk - Niwot didn't run their No. 3 runner - and 16:01 5ker. So we saw no movement on top of the 4A rankings this week. 

All the movement was reserved for the backside of the rankings, where Battle Mountain jumped two spots to No. 8, and Widefield and Evergreen made this week's list.


After last week's lock between the top two teams, and the 3-5 teams, we saw a little relief, or, separation within the rankings this week.

Salida gained a slither of control on top, though Peak to Peak was just a few votes shy. Like 4A, most of the major movement came from the backside of the rankings. 

Faith Christian jumped four spots, landing NO. 6 this week, and SkyView made an appearance on the list.


No. Movement.

There was absolutely no movement among the top four squads this week. Heritage Christian remained firmly on top, followed by Lyons, Peyton, and Ouray. 

Behind them there was minimal movement within the play of musical chairs. One up. One down. All in al there were no new squads to enter the rankings this week.