3A Girls: Thompson and TCA Flip The Script

Thompson's win flicked the dominos in what would be the upset of the day. Alan Versaw's TCA squad timed this one perfect. They were up against a stellar Peak to Peak squad that finished 1-2-3 last year, and dominated the state all season this year. 

But TCA achieved the rare feat of having everyone run their best at state. On the back of Thompson's victory, nearly everyone on their team either PRd, or almost PRd.

Sarah Burroughs sealed the state title for the burgundy girls, finishing 16th in 19:55. With four in the top 10, TCA tallied a jaw-dropping 34 points to truly flip the script, and dominate the state on the day it mattered the most.

TCA put all seven runners in front of Peak to Peak's five.

Peak to Peak did hold on for a runner-up finish, which came without last year's third-place finisher Tiana Bradfield, who did not finish.

Peak to Peak tallied 97 points to finish second, just ahead of D'Evelyn, who finished third in 135 points.