NXR-SW 2018: Three Colorado Teams to NXN

By midway through the race, there were no challengers left for Cole Sprout and Easton Allred.

As it has been for several years on end, now the Nike Southwest regional was dominated today by teams from Colorado and Utah. The pendulum of power has swung more decisively in Colorado's direction this year, but Utah still makes a worthy adversary.

Conditions for this year's races, while probably a bit warm for the tastes of many Colorado athletes who've become more acclimated of late to temps in the 30s and 40s, were as pleasant as they've been in years. Highs hit the 70s, but did not venture into the 80s. There was almost no wind throughout the entirety of the morning's races. 

On the pages that follow, we'll dive into some detail on the boys championship race first, venture next to the girls championship race, then cobble together a few notes from the day's other races

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