Let's Get REAL: A Taylor James Kind Of Day

This could become habit forming.

Although I've never been inside the Adams State Bubble, and therefore have to hold judgment on same, the UCCS indoor track steps right up with the Western Colorado Mountaineer Fieldhouse as the premier indoor facilities in the state. The Cadet Field House makes a case as well, but mostly only where pole vault, long, and triple jump runways are concerned.

But the Mountaineer Field House will never draw crowds like the UCCS indoor track figures to do going forward. UCCS is located in a city of over half a million people and lies only an hour's drive from Denver. The Mountaineer Field House is located in a city of less than 10,000 people and is a three-hour drive from Denver.

That tells you all you need to know about future usage patterns. Figure the UCCS indoor track emerges soon as the busiest indoor facility in the state--provided, that is, that the track and field program at UCCS allows it to happen. 

Today was proof of concept, and the concept passed with flying colors. It doesn't hurt that REAL Training brought in heavy hitters like Rapid Results Timing and Mark Roberts to ensure that things went and stayed according to plan. Nor does it hurt that a top-tier crowd of athletes showed up.