Nolan Getchell: Legend To Loyola Marymount


Nolan Getchell's Best Marks

1,600 - 4:32

3,200 - 9:23

5k - 15:49


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing the Loyola Marymount?

The recruiting process began at the end of my junior year, and I took a few unofficial visits to schools this past summer. At the start of the college search, I wanted to find a university where I could compete at a high level athletically while also getting a top tier education. Ultimately, I narrowed my search down to smaller private schools in southern California. The main schools I looked at and applied to were Pepperdine, Azusa Pacific, California Baptist, and Loyola Marymount. Though each school was tremendous in their own ways, Loyola Marymount seemed to be the best fit for me both academically and athletically. Coach Guerrero and Coach Zarb have built a great program at LMU, and I really noticed that on my visit in January. LMU had everything I was looking for in terms of the team atmosphere, campus life, athletics, and academics. Not to mention, the campus is beautiful and is located in the heart of Los Angeles. 

Q) What do you plan to study at Loyola Marymount?

I plan on majoring in Political Science and pursuing a law career after receiving my undergraduate degree.

Q) What got you into track and field in the first place?

All throughout middle school, I was a basketball/baseball kind of guy, and had little interest in running in high school. My friend that was doing XC freshman year told me to come out for the team because I always did pretty good in the mile back in middle school. I was really small going into high school, so I figured basketball and baseball probably weren't gonna be the best options for me, so I decided to gave running a shot. I emailed Coach Miller about two weeks into the XC season, and asked if I could come out for the team. He said yes, and I ran my first ever xc meet and ran a 20:25. I ended up really enjoying the sport and I have solely focused on XC and track ever since. 

Q) You've had success in everything from the 1,600 on on up to the 5k, what would you say your favorite event is, and why? 

I would have to say the 5k is my favorite event due to the combination of strength and speed that it requires to be successful. There's something about the longer distance races that really interest me and get me excited. I feel a lot more comfortable while racing a 5k, but I always look forward to getting the legs turning for track season. Training for a 5k takes a lot of discipline and hard work, and I definitely appreciate what it takes to be great at this distance. 

Q) You opened your high school career with a 20:25 5k your freshmen year, talk about the long road down to 15:49 your senior year. 

That 20:25 my freshman year was my first ever Cross Country race, and I had no idea what to expect. Over the course of my freshman year, I gradually dropped my times, and I was grateful to be training with great group of freshman guys with similar times to me. I started upping my mileage and training more seriously my junior year, so this led to faster times and some relative success. I was lucky enough to have guys like Landon Rast and Scott Johnson serve as models of success for me, and I definitely knew the hard work they put in to run great times. Overall, I have my teammates to thank for pushing me everyday in practice and allowing me to grow as a runner and person. Without being around an awesome group of people and having great training partners, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on at Loyola Marymount?

I will most likely focus on the 5k and 10k at LMU. I enjoy the longer distance races and that is where I see myself having the most success. That being said, I am willing to try out different events, whether that be the 3000 steeple or the 1500, if it benefits my team. LMU has guys running events from the 1500 to the 10k, and I look forward to training with a team built of a wide array of runners.

Q) Could you share any goals you have for the track season?

I have yet to qualify for state in track, so I think that would be the main goal for me. I intend to focus on the 3200 this season, and I am hoping to make state and podium in that event. I would also like to help my 4x8 team qualify for state and podium in that as well. In the 1600, I would like to qualify for state and race competitively against the best of the best. Lastly, I am hoping to beat Landon Rast's in-state school record in the 3200 of 9:30 by the end of the season. 

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be (so far)?

My favorite high school memory would have when my team went out to the University of Kansas for the 2018 Rim Rock Classic. The trip out to Kansas on an eight hour bus ride allowed for some of my fondest memories from high school running, and I will never forget the jokes and memes that were made out of it. For example, a few guys on the team thought it would be a good idea to put a piece of ham from a Lunchable at the bottom of a Pringles can, and put it on the bus floor in the blazing hot sun. By the end of the bus ride, the ham had turned to a different color, and we decided to keep the can as a souvenir for the rest of the trip. As the trip went on, we kept adding items like canned vienna sausages, crickets, hotel shampoo, Ocean Spray Cran Raspberry Juice, and Gatorade, among other things, to the infamous Pringles can. After microwaving the mixture for two+ minutes, we created a horribly disgusting concoction that we still talk about to this day. The race itself was definitely a memorable one for me, and it was amazing to come away with the team win against great competition. Looking back on my high school career, messing around with the team on a daily basis will be the memories I look back to the most.