The National HS Trail Championships Are Just Around The Bend

It's July.

Snow has finally (or almost finally) melted off Colorado's 14ers. The roadways into the high country are finally (or almost finally) open, allowing eager front-range travelers into the mountains of which we all stare at with envy for most of the year from the traffic-ridden cement slabs of I-70, or I-25, or I-270, or I-225, or 36, or E-470.

You get the idea...

And as the John Muir saying goes: "The mountains are calling, and I must go."

Deep in the heart of Colorado a gentle beat is beginning to pick up pace. 

Call it a mountain-goat hungry runner waking from his 11-month long slumber, call it an effort caused by the the thin air, or call it the anticipation of the the National High School Trail Championships (NHSTC), because they're less than four weeks away.

The race is slated for Saturday, July 27, 2019 in Salida.

The race has got something for everyone - racers and spectators. NHSTC is open to 2019 high school graduates, and those entering grades 9 through 12 this fall, though it's not just for high schoolers. The event will also have a citizens race. Additionally, there will be team scoring in the NHSTC. Team members must be from the same high school, however. 

Oh yeah - and there will be a donkey starting the race!