A Pole Vault Meet... And A Model For Success

Among the highlights of the meet was a chance to meet internationally-acclaimed pole vaulter Katerina Stefanidi-Krier (far right).

Before the summer started, there were rumblings of a summer track schedule here in Colorado. On the remote chance that you hadn't noticed, those summer meets aren't happening.

Which makes the Above the Bar Pole Vault meets all the more interesting. They have been happening, both the full-blown USATF variety on Saturdays and a less formal variety on weeknights. Aside from just outside of Boulder being the only place in the state it's happening, the pole vaulters in Colorado are doing just fine.

Which can't help but raise a question: Maybe if someone just tried to put on a jumps meet, or a hurdles meet, or a throws meet--why wouldn't that work? It's still only June. Perhaps before the end of the summer, someone will, and we'll find out then. At this point, though, it may be getting a little late for a distance meet, with cross country starting to ramp up all across the state.

Meanwhile, the pole vaulters have been busy doing their thing, and having a great time doing it. It would appear the gymnasts on a stick have found the model of success.

This past Saturday looked a bit more like mid-season form, though we're probably still not quite that far along yet.

Nevertheless, some very solid performances were logged. Kourtney Rathke won the 13-14 girls division with a PR of 11-1.75. Megan Kelleghan won the 15-16 girls at 11-7.75. It wasn't a new PR for Kelleghan but it was within range. 

Three NHs in the 17-18 division kept the winning bar at 9-8, put there by Mikayla Dalton.

On the boys side of the ledger, TJ Rowan, who will enter high school this fall, won the 13-14 boys at 9-2.25. If you're thinking that surname sounds familiar, it probably does. Check out the 5A state meet results from not very far back to make the linkage complete. The 9-2.25 was, by the way, a substantial new PR.

Rylen Lippelt won the 15-16 division with a shiny new PR of 10-2.

And, as he's been doing frequently of late, Hunter Potrykus won the 17-18 division with a clearance of 15-1. That's not a PR, but it is working its way closer to that territory.

The next ATB Churchyard pole vault meet falls on Friday, July 3. There's still time to throw your pole in a tube on top of your van and make your way there. Contact John Carmony at jcarpv@msn.com. He can fill you in on the details.

Meanwhile, maybe at a track somewhere around the state, somebody is turning over the sand in the long jump pits with a hopeful spade.

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