Dominating Performances At The Ralston Valley North Invite

Sophia Abernethy eyed the rocky terrain in front of her. Her light brunette ponytail swayed side to side as she took smooth strides across the dirt parking lot on the south side of the North Area Athletic Complex Thursday afternoon. 

The opening mile was met with caution for most who toed the line, because the course for the Ralston Valley North Area Pod Invitational was perhaps as challenging as the competition. 

But Abernethy was game. 

The Standley Lake senior endured the rolling hills and rocky terrain to outlast the competition by well over a minute - Abernethy torched the field by an impressive 1:24. She was the lone runner to crack 21 and 22 minutes, running 20:53. 

Add that it was the second consecutive victory for her this season. 

Behind her a competitive team race was underway. 

Arvada West's Amelie Bauer finished second, and started the tally for the Wildcats. Ralston Valley responded immediately with Allie Braney and Teya Varela, who finished 3-4. Arvada West countered with Mya Ridder, who finished fifth. 

But Ralston Valley's depth prevailed.

Allie Braney led Ralston Valley to the team title. 

Adellin Barnard and Madelyn McKinney finished 8-9, and Ainsley Kelver capped their scoring by finishing 10th - before Arvada West could get their No. 3 in. 

Ralston Valley took the team race with 31 points, nine ahead of Arvada West's 40. Wheat Ridge finished third with 87.


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