Colorado Year In Review: Agur Dwol Leaps To US No. 3 TJ

Agur Dwol's US No. 3 triple jump of 41-4 from the Liberty Bell Invitational last June will help us leap into the second big story of our Colorado Year In Review.

Excerpt from: Leaping Into New Territory At Liberty Bell

Agur Dwol strolled down the red track between two white lines towards the pole vault pit. 

She stopped just short of the mat, and turned around to scan the terrain. On the other end of the stretch was a box of beige sand. 

This would be her airstrip. She'd have to lift off before reaching the other end, and fly.

Her lime green spikes shimmered under the burning sun while she leaned back and prepared for flight. She took one step, then two, then three. She accelerated with each stride like a plane roaring down the runway.

And when she got to the horizontal white line that stretched across the red track, she lifted off.

One step. Two. Three. Then --

Dwol soared through the air, using her arms like propellers. 

Sand exploded out as she landed.

The Mullen junior quickly stood up and anxiously waited as officials measured the jump. When the word came back, a smile stretched across her face. 


Dwol used nearly every foot of runway in the girl's triple jump, and the result was a Colorado No. 1, and a US No. 3.

Sydnee Larkin's three year-old Colorado state triple jump record of 41-7 looked to be in danger.

Several weeks later Dwol went over 41-feet once more - at the Centennial League Varsity Championships, which she won in 41-0.