Throwers Battle In The Wind At The Wiggins Invitational

Mohamed Ibrahim stood motionless in the ring. 

His arms dangled by his sides as he shifted his weight back and forth before evening it out between both feet. 


The Wiggins senior took concentrated breathes as he began to wind up. 


He picked up speed in his rotation while gripping the discus tightly with the fingers in his right hand. 

One rotation. 


And then --


Ibrahim watched the discus sail high into the air. It hovered like a silver UFO against the vast blue sky before allowing gravity to take hold.

Spectators gasped as the discus crashed back to earth - they knew they had just witnessed something phenomenal.

It landed 185-2 feet beyond where Ibrahim stood, nearly reaching the fence that lined the edge of the complex at Wiggins High School. The mark - a Colorado No. 1, and US No. 7 - was a 13-foot personal best for Ibrahim.

As impressive as the performance was, still standing on the sideline for his turn was the 2021 state champion in this very event - Bryant Schoenthal

Needless to say, the bar had been set.