Tasty Race Tuesday: Bruns Torches State-Leading 37.29 300H

What do you get when you skip dinner and go straight to dessert?

This week's Tasty Race!

It was Carsen Bruns verses his own shadow in the 300H at the Cherry Creek Invitational.

The Rampart senior decided to slide his plate of steak and mashed potatoes to the side within the opening strides and go straight for dessert. 

Which in this case was a bowl of chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with marshmallows. 

Bruns made up the stagger by the first hurdle, and kept his foot on the pedal. Two hurdles in and he had already run himself to the front of the race with no challengers keeping pace.

Heading into the final straight the question wasn't who would win, it was: How fast will Carsen Bruns run???

He devoured his bowl of chocolate ice cream, leaving no marshmallows to spare (they freeze in the bowl, then melt in your mouth.)

Bruns ran this race to perfection, gliding cleanly over nearly every hurdle. He stopped the clock at 37.29 - a Colorado No. 1 by nearly a full second-and-a-half.

I think that deserves another bowl of chocolate ice cream. Extra marshmallows this time...