Tasty Race Tuesday: Kicking Kiki Vaughn Wins Thrilling 800

I'll be honest.

I believe I've written through all my favorite recipes in this series over the past few months. So, when I watch the girl's 800 from the Last Chance at Jeffco Stadium my mind is running a bit dry when trying to find what meal to compare it to.

Perhaps instead of cooking, I''ll go out for dinner...

The hot wings at the West End Tavern in Boulder seem fitting.

You've got a mouth-watering buffalo sauce that's accentuated by the moment when the sauce hits your taste buds and you feel the fire in your mouth.

For a race that starts off quick and is capped with a Kick Of The Week nominee, it sounds - or tastes - about right.

Chatfield's Hannah Anderson set a steamy early pace, hitting the the bell around 67-seconds while Arvada West's Ashlyn Craig gave chase from a few strides back. 

With a lap to go the race looked over. Or, nearly over. 

But Boulder's Kiki Vaughn had other plans. 

Up and around the track and into the back-straight Craig made her move, passing by Anderson. Over a second behind them Vaughn remained in a distant-chase.

With 200 to go the Boulder sophomore shifted gears. The once-massive gap that existed between Anderson and Craig, and Vaughn was now shrinking - fast

While Anderson fought her way back around Craig to retake the lead, Vaughn had engaged the boosters.

Vaughn soared down the final straight in Lane 2 - The Lane of High Hopes - and flew by first Craig, and then Anderson.

The Boulder sophomore crossed the line in a personal best of 2:18.27

And what would make the victory all the more sweet was the fact that her 2:18.27 victory clinched a state-qualifying spot - sliding in at No. 17 of 18. Prior to Saturday's run - about one day in fact - she had run 2:18.66, which would've missed qualifying for State by three-tenths-of-a-second.

What's that saying?

"Don't call it a comeback!"